all cell phone models repaired here all Xbox 360 Wii ps3 and any other gaming console out there pretty much we fix rgh on Xbox 360 to allow playing of games from hard drive with no disc rgh also allows homebrew content to be played such as emulators for snes,nes and genesis. we carry rgh chips in stock and we do all micro soldering!this is the stuff these "other" guys on here cant do! we also do DVD drive flashing on all xbox 360 models to play backed up or burned games.this is something else the "other" guys on here cant do on all models. all repairs on Xbox 360 from red ring of death to open tray issues. all repairs on ps3 from over heating to reading issues. all issues on Wii from not powering up to reading issues. most issues fixed on spot in 10 min or less. XBOX 360 Repairs: stuck tray / not opening open tray / not reading price depends if its laser or whole drive needing replaced. rrod / red ring of death price depends if it needs reball or reflow.or in some cases a new gpu. we can fix any other issue you may have with your Xbox,just call and let us know what its doing. these are the most common issues however. PlayStation 3 Repairs: YLOD / Yellow light of death price depends again if we have to reball or replace gpu or just reflow it. no disc / not reading price depends if it just needs a laser or a whole new dvd drive. not powering on / black screen price depends on what part we end up replacing. we fix any and all other issues with ps3. WII Repairs: not powering up price depends what parts bad not reading price depends on if it needs new laser or whole drive. we fix any and all other issues on wii consoles. MODS ON CONOLES we can do what the competition cant and that is downgrading a ps3. we do rgh / jtag / xkey / and any other mod out there for current and last gen consoles. we also provide slim and phat model xbox 360 dvd drive flashing. we can flash all model boxes. we also do controller mods and led color change mods. we also do any and all computer repair and upgrades and even build custom desktops per customer needs. custom pcs come with a 3 yr warranty from manufacturer of parts. give us a call today and see what we can do for you. Tablet Repairs : call with your model number handy and let us know the problem for estimate. Computer Repairs: we do everything from removing viruses to building custom desktop computers. call us for your needs today 704-953-1707 or visit us at 4724 old pineville rd.
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