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Guide to Christmas in NYC

3 Oct 2017
Guide to Christmas in NYC

Guide to Christmas in NYC

Christmas is a happy day and the most awaited celebration of the year. We all wait for this day to come for the whole year so that we can have the utmost joy we have been waiting for the whole year. Whenever Christmas time is around we make tones of plans for celebration and shopping as well. You definitely need to prepare a to-do list so that you can complete everything possible in the limited amount of time. And especially when you are in New York you just cannot miss it and you can bail on it. These are some following tips which can serve as your Guide to Christmas in New York:

1. The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree: You must visit the Rockefeller Center and watch the tall Christmas tree standing there which will make you awestruck. The tree is lit from 5:30AM to 11:00 PM every day and for 24 hours on the Christmas day. For your perfect holiday and festive photo you should visit this Amazing Place in New York City so that you can have the festive feels as well.

2. George Balanchine’s Nutcracker: The cast and crew members of the New York City ballet prepare for this play all through the holiday and festive season to amuse the audience with the very best performance. You can watch it from November 25th to December 31st. the price of the ticket starts from $35. Isn’t it amazing? These things happening around us makes us love this festival even more. 

3. Ice Skating in Central Park: When you are in New York you have to celebrate it in a New York way. Manhattan is known for this ice skating which people have been loving all this time. We might have watched it in many movies but you can also live this moment. From October onwards the Wollman Rink is open for the tourists as well as the locals. Undoubtedly it is the most amazing fun activity in Manhattan which interests kids as well as the adults.Here Find Best Places You can Visit in Your Christmas Holidays

4. Department stores Holiday Window Displays: When you find yourself strolling through the streets and markets in NYC you must be amazed to see the beautifully decorated window displays to the stores. They display the real fairy tales on their windows and you can seriously live in that moment as long as the festive time lasts. It is rightly said that the festive time brings happiness and colors everywhere around us.

5. Eat Like you have never eaten before: Whether it is at Litlle Italy or China Town, the city knows too much for international variety of cuisines. You can get a wide variety of savories to taste and fall in love with everything you eat there. Since it is a festive season you can never say no to the sweets which are the basic festive foods. You can a lot of sweet shops and bakeries around you where you can have whatever you wish to have. All of these things prove that Christmas in New York is the best!. More Travel Tips And Latest News.

3 Oct 2017
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