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Carl's Jr., an American-based fast-food restaurant chain, predominantly operates in the Western and Southwestern states. As of 2013 it has started expanding or is already in Canada, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Denmark, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Singapore, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Panama, Ecuador, Turkey, Indonesia and China. CKE Restaurants, Inc owns the chain.

Carl Karcher founded the predecessor of Carl's Jr. in 1941; he jump-started his operations with the opening of his first restaurant, a sit-down full-service location called Carl’s Drive-In Barbeque. As this grew wildly successful, he decided to open up a chain of smaller restaurants called Carl's, with more limited menus. In 1954, the chain was renamed Carl's Jr. and the fast-food chain took off.

Company profile


In 1941 Carl Karcher and his wife, Margaret Karcher (ne. Heinz), borrowed $311 on their Plymouth automobile and purchased a hot dog cart which they operated at 1108 North Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim, California. One cart grew to four, including a location at Florence and Central in South L.A. In less than five years, they owned a restaurant with hamburgers on the menu in Anaheim, California called Carl's Drive-In Barbeque.[6] In 1956, Karcher opened the first two Carl's Jr. restaurants — so named because they were a smaller version of his drive-in restaurant — in Anaheim and Brea. The restaurant chain was characterized by its fast service, table service as a standard feature, and its logo, the bright yellow five-pointed Happy Star. CKE's other chain, Hardee's, now shares this logo, after a post-merge rebranding.

Carl's Jr and Green Burrito restaurant in Bell, California

In several Western U.S. locations, Carl's Jr. parent CKE has begun operating co-branded restaurants with its Green Burrito group. This is a similar strategy used by Yum! Brands with its KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, A&W Restaurants, and Long John Silver's concepts to help expand brands without the additional expense of new buildings and land.


When Carl's Jr. first started rebranding Hardee's locations to the Carl's Jr. livery in 1999, the two chains mostly kept separate ads. This changed with the now-infamous Paris Hilton ad (see below), which aired as either for Carl's Jr. or Hardee's, depending on where the ads aired. This would continue with other ads for the next several years.

Paris Hilton campaign

In May 2005, Carl's Jr. introduced its "Spicy BBQ Six Dollar Burger" in a television advertisement created by Mendelsohn Zien Advertising, which features Paris Hilton in a provocative swimsuit soaping up a Bentley automobile and crawling all over it before taking a big bite out of her burger and giving her signature phrase, "That's hot."
YouTube campaign

Carl's Jr. paid nine popular YouTube users to promote their Portobello Mushroom $6 Burger.[16] Users who promoted their product include iJustine, Smosh and Nigahiga.
Terrell Owens campaign

In December 2013, Carl's Jr. used flamboyant former NFL player, Terrell Owens, to promote its Philly Cheesesteak Burger.
International expansion


In June 2011, the restaurant chain open its first Canadian location in Kelowna, British Columbia.Since then, locations in Metro Vancouver have been opened; 25 are intended for that region.


As of December 2012, Carl's Jr. has 9 locations in 6 cities of Ecuador. The franchise is managed by Grupo El Rosado.


Carl's Jr. opened its first store in Brazil on November 29, 2012 at Guarulhos International Airport in So Paulo, and in 7 years plans to open 25 more stores next to the traditional Brazilian restaurant, the Frango Assado, "Roast Chicken," which has 25 stores located in two states, on highways, airports and shopping center, which belongs to the group MIC.


Around 2009, Carls Jr. signed a deal with Tuan V. Do and Luu Tuyet Mai, CEO of MESA Company owned by them; to open the very first 25 restaurants in Vietnam. The Grand Opening in Ho Chi Minh City was in April 2010.[citation needed] Their first restaurant opened in the Vincom Centre, Ho Chi Minh City. A further restaurant located in Phu My Hung, District 7. Yet another is located at Pico plaza on Cong Hoa street.

Since opening their first Russian restaurant in 2006, Carl's Jr. has launched and continues to operate at least 28 locations in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Saratov and Nizhnevartovsk, with plans to further expand in the Russian market.

In Panama and Costa Rica

Carl's Jr. will also be opening a restaurant in Panama City, Panama and San Jos�, Costa Rica in Central America In 2011.[23][24]
New Zealand

Carl's Jr. opened its first restaurant in New Zealand in October 2011, in Takanini. Its first television advertisement was banned for being "exploitative and degrading".In February 2013 the chief executive of Carl's Jr's parent company CKE Restaurants said he would like to thank whoever it was that banned them, as it brought the chain exposure it could not otherwise have afforded.

CKE Restaurants has signed a development agreement with Australia’s BKG Group to develop, open, and operate 10 Carl’s Jr. restaurants in central, mid, and northern New South Wales. The first store is expected to open by the end of the year on the Central Coast. Franchises are currently being sought for capital cities, with an inner city location, most likely in Sydney, to open within the next 18 months.

On April 5, 2013 Carl's Jr. announced a partnership with Danish Supermarket and their chain Bilka. As a result of the partnership Carl's Jr. will open stores inside some of the Bilka supermarkets located across Denmark. The first restaurants opened in the autumn of 2013 First on October 10, 2013 in N�stved.The second Carl's Jr opened in Vejle on November 17, 2013.


In Indonesia Carl's Jr is operated by the Hamami family (Trakindo-the CAT dealer) a company where the employees of the TMT company get a discount. Carl's Jr., which opened its first restaurant in Jakarta in 2010, now has five restaurants, including at the Grand Indonesia, Emporium Pluit and La Piazza malls, Bintaro Xchange all in Jakarta. In 2014, a Carl's Jr was opened in Surabaya, at Juanda International Airport Terminal 2 and Galaxy Mall Lower Ground Floor No. 313 Dharmahusada Raya Street Surabaya.

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