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Breastfeeding For Babies And Also For Mommies

In spite of the most advanced technologies there is in Developing the best milk formula for infants, there is nothing that comes close to the mother’s milk. Mother Nature has endowed mothers of new born babies with the ability to feed their young with exceptional nourishment that is coming from their own body. Up to this time when there are aggressive studies on developing the best formula containing as many nutrients as possible that claims to facilitate a baby’s development, mother’s breast milk still remains to be incomparable to other nourishment for babies.

Challenges in Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not as easy as putting an infant’s mouth into a mother’s breast. There are challenges in perfecting this act on the part of the baby and mostly, on the part of the mother.
Newly borns sometimes have to go through the process of learning to latch their mouth thoroughly to the mother’s breast to allow them to suck the milk properly. Mothers, on the other hand, have to endure some Breast feeding problems such as sore nipples, breast engorgement, lack of milk supply, or mastitis.

Benefits of Breastfeeding For Babies

But amidst the problems that babies and more importantly, the mothers have to go through, breastfeeding is always carried out as the primary or the only means of nourishing babies, especially during the first six months. Aside from nourishing the baby, the breast milk has antibodies that Develop a baby’s immune system that will protect him from harmful germs, illnesses, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. The first milk secretions which contain colostrum is very essential since this has the most antibodies that will strengthen the babies immune system that he will carry until the first few years of his childhood.
Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mothers
Mothers, on the other hand, also get benefits in breastfeeding. Milk production takes a lot of calories to burn so by breastfeeding, Women lose weight naturally. Breastfeeding also enables women to release oxytocin hormones which aid in returning a mother’s uterus back to its normal form after being stretched out because of the baby. Breastfeeding also prevents uterine bleeding that happens to some mothers after giving birth.
Other Benefits of Breastfeeding
Aside from the benefits to the baby and the mother as stated above, there are other benefits that breastfeeding is able to give and one of these is creating a stronger bond between the mother and the baby. Breastfeeding is also helpful in an emergency situation when it is difficult to find another source of nourishments. It is also more convenient since it is always sterile and there’s no need to wash and sterilize the bottles in preparing the milk, and economical since there’s no need to buy sterilized water and very expensive milk formula.

Final Thoughts 

It is for these reasons that there are aggressive advocacies for breastfeeding that benefits both the baby and the mother. Mothers always see to it that they breastfeed their babies which will benefit both of them even for a long period of time.
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