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Heart Disease

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How Silent Heart Attack And Diabetes Are Connected

People with diabetes are highly vulnerable to many health conditions, among them Diabetic Heart Disease (DHD), heart attacks, and strokes. DHD is also known as silent heart disease because diabetes-related nerve damage can dull the heart pain that the damage from heart disease would normally cause. Silent heart attack and diabetes commonly occur together. The lining of the blood vessels in a diabetic person’s body can thicken, causing potential blockages.

A heart attack occurs when a blood clot forms in a coronary artery and blocks the flow of blood to part of the heart. A silent heart attack does not involve the classic, well-known symptoms, such as chest pain in diabetes, nausea, or difficulty breathing. The person having the attack may not know that anything has occurred, and their only sign may be unusual fatigue or indigestion. If the damage a silent Causes of Heart Disease are not treated, serious problems or death can occur. People with diabetes are more prone to extensive, severe heart attacks.

What studies have proven

A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association involving 936 men and women aged 67-93 showed that 26% of people with diabetes had silent heart attacks, a higher percentage than the general population. Diabetics are prone to neuropathy, a kind of nerve damage which interferes with pain’s signals to the brain, and therefore silent heart attack and Symptoms of Diabetes are very dangerous. Because of this higher incidence of painless heart attacks, many studies have been performed using AECG monitoring and stress testing to evaluate them. Because heart attack symptoms in diabetes are so murky, they can go unnoticed.

Higher blood pressure and diabetes have been shown to go hand in hand. Because diabetes is hard on the pancreas, it stresses the body, which raises blood pressure substantially. According to the American Diabetes Association, damage to the heart’s arteries is two to four times greater in asymptomatic people with type 2 diabetes than the general population, confirming the JAMA’s findings.

How to be cautious if you have diabetes

People with diabetes should have checkups from their doctor on a regular basis. Pay attention to your body, and notice if you have any unusual symptoms. Angina, chest pain, occurs if your heart isn’t pumping enough blood. Angina might range from mild to moderate discomfort. While it may occur in your chest, you may also feel what is known as “deferred pain” in the neck, jaw, or shoulder. This is a Heart Attack Symptoms And Signs in diabetes. This pain tends to get worse with activity and dissipate when you rest. See your doctor if you have chest pain. It could be as mild as a panic attack, but it could also be angina and can identify the possibility of silent heart attack and diabetes.

Also be on the lookout if you have trouble breathing, excess sweating, weakness, extreme fatigue, or any swelling of the lower extremities. There are also many lifestyle changes you can make to prevent cardiac arrest with diabetes before it occurs. Try to get 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least 3 times a week, and reduce the saturated fat in your diet. Control your weight and blood sugar levels. Have annual checkups to assess your cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and if you are prescribed medication to control either one, take it as directed. This is especially important if you have high blood pressure and diabetes.

Treatments available

If your heart is showing a narrowing of the arteries, you can start a regimen of a baby aspirin every day, which can help thin the blood and restore blood flow.  Be sure to report any symptoms to your doctor of myocardial infarction in diabetes. If the damage isn’t extensive, medication can be used. If, however, the damage was significant, there are treatments such as bypass surgery and stents. If you have a Types of Heart Diseases, your doctor will want to monitor any symptoms afterward, like shortness of breath or pain. Silent heart attack and diabetes can be managed with the right care, if it’s delivered quickly.
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