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What Are The Attributes Of A Silent Heart Attack?

Before one proceeds on to discuss the very special case of a silent heart attack, one first needs to know about heart attacks in general. What are heart attacks? Well, a heart attack is basically a medical condition in which the flow of oxygenated blood to the heart is absolutely hindered, and a portion of the heart muscle gets fatigued and is unable to function properly. In other words, the portion gets blocked and the heart is unable to get the required amount of oxygen to function properly. It is often termed as acute myocardial infarction in medical language.

What is a silent heart attack?

This specific Types of Heart Diseases is rather unique for obvious reasons. Why is that so? It is because that these type of a silent heart attack does not show any kind of symptoms prior to the event and therefore, one can easily ignore the symptoms that might be showing itself as something trivial. The major trait of this type of a disease is that the patient or the person concerned has the attack, and does not even understand it.

These silent attacks are very deadly as there are no precautions one can take against such attacks, and the fatality rate of such attacks are pretty high as well. So, no one knows about the rough overview of the question: what is a silent heart attack? Having said that, let’s just discuss this whole situation in medical terminology. When a person is suffering from a situation called cardiac ischemia, which is the temporary restriction of flow of blood to the heart.

As a result of this condition, another condition arises which is known as angina, which is nothing but the loss of blood flow to the heart, even if it is temporary. Often cardiac ischemia is not followed by angina, and this is where one gets the idea of a silent ischemia or a silent heart attack.


It is very difficult to trace the Heart Attack Symptoms And Signs, but still, precautions can be taken and even the slightest signs can be noticed. Proper and careful study of medical history, along with conducting several medical tests is really very important. Silent attacks are generally diagnosed with the help of the following symptoms. These myocardial infarction symptoms include the likes of acute discomfort in the chest, or in certain other places which include arms, as well as jaws.

However, these discomforts are not long lasting. Rather, these discomforts disappear after a considerable amount of rest. Other viable symptoms include acute shortness of breath, along with the attribute of getting tired very easily. Other than these, the most common symptom that a person encounters while suffering from a silent attack is chest pain, and this is the most common symptom that can be seen in people. The chest pain is an immediate effect which is felt by the body, but the next display of symptom includes acute shortness of breath, despite a healthy heart diet.


The question that keeps looming is: how to prevent a heart attack? Well, in order to prevent any type of heart attack, it is very important that one gets to know the causes that are responsible for the attack, and then one should try to annihilate the causes to whatever extent it is possible. So, in order to cure a heart attack, it is very important to understand its causes.

There can be many plausible causes for a silent attack or a general heart attack. Some of the recognized causes include the likes of high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, along with the lifestyle causes such as intense smoking, drinking and partying. Other probable causes may also include a family history of heart diseases, along with obesity as well as age. Overweight can also be a very common Causes of Heart Disease. In fact, silent heart attack diabetes is a very common phenomenon.

All the above-mentioned factors or causes are responsible for the buildup of plaque. This plaque buildup is very dangerous as it can rupture and block an entire artery, thereby causing a heart attack. This blockage of the artery will completely cut off the blood supply to the heart.


How to prevent heart disease? Well, the treatment of this kind of a situation is basically divided into two folds. There is a plan for immediate treatment in case of an emergency situation, and there is also a plan for Long-term Health Treatment that could possibly avoid the chances of having a situation like this. So, let’s discuss the immediate treatment first.

Immediate medical attention should be provided, with sufficient oxygen that could be delivered to the heart. If the situation gets hard, angioplasty is also a viable option. It is a very successful surgery. As far as long-term treatments are concerned, the key idea should be to provide heart-healthy recipes and light exercises that would strengthen the heart.
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