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About Children\'s Health

Children's Health

Choices made regarding children's health can affect them throughout their lives. Get tips for kids on diet, exercise, safety and mental wellbeing.

Children's Health Fact Sheets

Children's HealthCare Quality (NICHQ) has a website where you can find fact sheets about the state of children's health in each state. The State Fact Sheets provide the most recent national and state-based data regarding health in addition to childhood...

Maintaining Your Child’s Mental Health

Dealing with the volatility of growing up can be tough, but support is available. Learn how to know when it’s just a mood swing or something more.

Fire-retardant Chemicals Affect Children’s Intelligence and Firefighters

Health New studies of common flame retardants link these chemicals to mental impairments in young children and cancer in firefighters.

Well-Child Visits Remember

your doctor may be an expert in children’s health, but you are the expert on your child. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions, medical or otherwise. Your child’s doctor can give you valuable advice on how to promote your child’s learning and...

Failure to Thrive

Understanding Failure to Thrive Your child may be diagnosed with failure to thrive if he or she falls below a healthy weight and shows signs of emotional underdevelopment. Typically, failure to thrive is discovered during a child’s infant years. Idea...

Heart Disease in Children
Heart disease is difficult enough

when it strikes adults, but it can be especially tragic in children. There are many different types of heart problems that can affect children, from congenital heart defects to viral infections and heart disease acqu...

ADHD Medication for Children: Is It Safe?

Medication is a common treatment for ADHD symptoms. There are several medications prescribed to treat symptoms, but they do come with some risks.

New Medicine - Complete Family Health Guide

system, musculoskeletal system, hormonal system, women’s health, pregnancy & childbirth, men’s health, children’s health, mind & emotions, allergies & systemic disorders. It covers the 100 or so diseases and disorders most amenable to an integrated...

Increase cigarette tax to pay for children’s healthcare

The current safety net for such children is called the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan (SCHIP), and the current authorization for this program runs out in a couple of months – requiring passing of new legislation to reauthorize the program.


Rita and Douglas Swan founded CHILD as a legacy to their son, Matthew.In 1977 he became ill with bacterial meningitis. The Swans, Christian Scientists at the time, were persuaded by Christian Scientist practitioners – the religion's name for its spiritual healers – not to seek medical treatment for their son. The Swans did take Matthew to the hospital after he had been ill for 12 days, but his illness had progressed too far, and he died. Motivated by this tragedy, CHILD works to eliminate religious exemptions in child health and safety laws. Parents belonging to various religions, in particular Christian Science, have used these exemptions as legal defenses in criminal cases for failing to provide medical care for children who then died.

The Swans left the Christian Science Church, and CHILD and Rita Swan have worked "relentlessly" to publicize cases of religion-related child abuse and neglect.In 1998, Seth Asser and Rita Swan published a benchmark study in Pediatrics analyzing 140 child deaths in which medical treatment was withheld. This study showed that 90% of these children would have survived with routine medical care.

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