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There are many types of encephalopathy and brain disease. Some types are permanent and some are temporary. Some types are present from birth and never change, while others are acquired after birth and may get progressively worse. What Are the Types and...

Drugs, Brains, and Behavior:

The Science of Addiction ...has a downloadable 30-page full-color booklet that explains in layman's terms how drug addiction is a brain disease that affects behavior, versus being a moral flaw. One of the goals of this publication is to reduce stigma against addictive behaviors,...

Brain Health Overview Dementia

The most common form of degenerative brain disease is dementia. People with dementia undergo a gradual loss of intellectual and cognitive abilities over time. The initial signs and symptoms of dementia may be subtle at first but may progress...

Watch ADDICTION on HBO Thursday March 15, 2007 9PM ET/PT

present a documentary, ADDICTION, to help Americans understand this problem as a chronic, treatable brain disease. The 9-part series will spotlight scientific advancements in understanding the brain and treating substance abuse. The emotional, psychological,...

Brain Cancer Overview

Brain cancer is an overgrowth of cells in the brain that form masses called tumors. Cancerous (malignant) brain tumors tend to grow very quickly. They disrupt the way your body works, and this can be life threatening. However, brain cancer is...

Brain Tumor and Brain Cancer

Survival Rates Recent trends have shown improvement in the brain tumor survival rate among Americans. In 2008, the American Cancer Society announced a significant decrease in the number of brain and central nervous system cancer deaths over a 13-year span from 1991...

Tumor Paint May Make Brain Surgery Safer

More Effective Decades into research, Tumor Paint—a molecule that illuminates cancer cells—may someday help surgeons navigate tricky brain surgeries.
New Cancer Treatment Makes Tumor Cells Commit Suicide A new chemotherapy drug targets the structures that hold cancer cells together, potentially causing all types of cancerous tumors to self-destruct.

Seven-Time Cancer Survivor Spreads Hope With Advocacy

Filmmaking Lung cancer survivor Richard Heimler is determined to spread his words of encouragement and hope to other cancer survivors, while raising awareness of the disease, as well as funds for research.

Avastin to Treat Gliomas

A new study now has shown that Avastin

can slow the growth and shrink tumors of a common form of brain cancer called glioma. This is exciting news.A larger clinical trial has already been started which will involve some 160 patients to find out just how...


withdrawal delirium Hypothermia Epilepsy Guillain Barre syndrome Head injury Multiple sclerosis Alcoholism Brain cancer Developmental coordination disorder Encephalitis Reye’s syndrome Schizophrenia Seizures Marijuana dependence Stroke Opioid dependence...

Adult Brain Tumor A primary brain tumor starts in your brain. When cancer cells from other parts of your body cause a tumor in your brain, it is called a “secondary” or “metastatic brain tumor.” Secondary brain tumors are three times more common than primary brain tumors....

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