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About Alcohol Interaction With Medication

Hangover Cures?

The only real remedy is to prevent the hangover, or drink plenty of water the next day (since alcohol is a diuretic and hangover symptoms are largely related to dehydration). And here are a few things you should definitely NOT do:-Don’t take painkillers...

Crohn’s Nutrition Guide Alcohol

Not only will alcohol potentially have a negative interaction with any Crohn’s medications you’re currently taking, it may dehydrate you, making it difficult for you to drink enough water to maintain a balance. It’s wise for Crohn’s patients...

As the Smoke Clears

Without further ado, I will list a few of those that I wish to focus on this year:Reduce my consumption of alcohol: Much of my interaction with friends occurs in a bar or club, where we all have nice chats, gossip, dance, and have a couple to wash down...

Acute Heart Failure

medications, especially diabetes drugs sleep apnea, problems breathing while sleeping heart defects overuse of alcohol or other toxic drugs viral infection kidney problems Symptoms of Acute Heart Failure Chronic and severe heart failure share many symptoms....

Azithromycin and Alcohol

Questions Answered Read about the effects of mixing alcohol and macrolide antibiotics like azithromycin. Side Effects Get Supersized Taking azithromycin can potentially cause unpleasant side effects, including: nauseavomitingdiarrheastomach painheadache Some people may...

The Truth Behind Natural Cold

“Remedies” Most hot toddy recipes include hot water, a shot of alcohol, fresh lemon, and a spoonful of honey. Alcohol is also an ingredient in many over-the-counter cough syrups. Whiskey and Hot Toddies: Just the Evidence Although its effects on colds are largely...

Common Cold Treatments

That Can Actually Make You Sick! A lot of conventional "wisdom" about cold therapies can make you sicker than when you first started. Learn which cold treatments are fact and which are merely fiction.

Find the Best Antidepressants

that were fatal; should not be taken by people with liver disease or who consume substantial amounts of alcohol May increase blood pressure Escitalopram Lexapro 55-70 3-10 FDA-approved for use by teenagers Fluoxetine Prozac, Sarafem 55-70 7-14 FDA-approved...

Alcohol Addiction

Support Groups People who are in treatment for alcoholism often need additional support as they work to break free from alcohol addiction, as do their family members and close friends who are trying to help. Support groups and alcohol-dependency recovery organizations.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages, typically containing 3–40% ethanol by volume, have been produced and consumed by humans since pre-historic times. Other alcohols such as 2-methyl-2-butanol (found in beer) and γ-hydroxybutyric acid are also consumed by humans for their psychoactive effects.


A 50% v/v (by volume) solution of ethylene glycol in water is commonly used as an antifreeze.


Ethanol can be used as an antiseptic to disinfect the skin before injections are given, often along with iodine. Ethanol-based soaps are becoming common in restaurants and are convenient because they do not require drying due to the volatility of the compound. Alcohol based gels have become common as hand sanitizers.


Some alcohols, mainly ethanol and methanol, can be used as an alcohol fuel. Fuel performance can be increased in forced induction internal combustion engines by injecting alcohol into the air intake after the turbocharger or supercharger has pressurized the air.

Alcohol is often used as a preservative for specimens in the fields of science and medicine.

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