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Eve Arden

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Eve Arden

Born : 30 April 1908
City : Mill Valley, California, United States
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Eve Arden Biography
We are so blessed that we have such talented and exceptionally good movie stars who had been able to set the industry standards so high that it is very difficult to compete with them and match up their skills. They have been working really hard and giving us some serious goals to work hard and motivating us to chase our dreams like they did while they were struggling. They have also taught us that nobody is born perfect but a lot of hard work and passion for the dream you can achieve anything you want to. The celebrities have always been our favorite influences in our lives. Just like we have one of them and she is Eve Arden. She had entertained us in the golden era and is still being followed by millions of people who admired her for the work she did. Eve Arden contribution in this Hollywood industry is commendable. 

Eve Arden Early Life Specifies | Family Background | Academy Specifies | Film and Television

Eve Arden was born on April 30th in the year 1908. She was born in Mill Valley in California and was named Eunice Mary QueensEve Arden was born to Charles Peter Quedens, son of Charles Henry Augustus and Meta L. Queens, and Lucille Queens, daughter of Bernard and Louisa Frank, both of German descent. Her mother divorced her father because he was indulged in gambling and later Eve Arden got indulged into her own business which she established. As she was not a Roman Catholic, she was sent to a Dominican convent School near Modesto. Then she attended Tamalpais High school as Eve Arden always had an interest in theater, after leaving the school Eve Arden joined a stock Theatre Company

Eve Arden Career

Films and Television:

1987- Falcon Crest (TV Series) 
As Lillian Nash
Manhunt (1987) 
1986- Amazing Stories (TV Series) 
As Jane's Mother
Secret Cinema (1986) 
1985- Faerie Tale Theatre (TV Series) 
As The Stepmother
Cinderella (1985) 
1983- Masquerade (TV Series) 
Diamonds (1983)
1983- Great Performances (TV Series) 
As Queen of Hearts
Alice in Wonderland (1983) 
1982- Grease 2 
As Miss McGee
1982- Pandemonium 
As Warden June
1981- Nuts and Bolts (TV Movie) 
As Martha Fenton
1981- Under the Rainbow 
As The Duchess
1980- Hart to Hart (TV Series) 
As Sophie Green
Does She or Doesn't She? (1980) 
1980- B.J. and the Bear (TV Series) 
As Mrs. Jarvis
The Girls of Hollywood High (1980) 
1980- The Love Boat (TV Series) 
As Ms. Brenda Watts
Kinfolk/Sis & the Slicker/Moonlight & Moonshine/Too Close for Comfort/The Affair: Part 2 (1980) 
Kinfolk/Sis & the Slicker/Moonlight & Moonshine/Too Close for Comfort/The Affair: Part 1 (1980) 
1980- Alice (TV Series) 
As Martha MacIntire
Alice in TV Land (1980) 
1980- The Dream Merchants (TV Series) 
As Coralee
Episode #1.2 (1980) 
Episode #1.1 (1980) 
1979- Vega$ (TV Series) 
As Sarah Bancroft
Design for Death (1979) 
1979- Flying High (TV Series) 
As Clarissa 'Wedgie' Wedge
It Was Just One of Those Days (1979) 
1978- A Guide for the Married Woman (TV Movie) 
As Employment lady
1978- Grease 
As Principal McGee
1977- Maude (TV Series) 
As Lola Ashburn
Maude's Aunt (1977) 
1975- Ellery Queen (TV Series) 
As Vera Bethune / Miss Aggie
The Adventure of Miss Aggie's Farewell Performance (1975) 
1975- Harry and Maggie (TV Short) 
As Maggie Sturdivant
1975- The Strongest Man in the World 
As Harriet Crumply
1974- Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law (TV Series) 
As Dr. Lucille Barras
Subject: The Sterlization of Judy Simpson (1974) 
1974- The Girl with Something Extra (TV Series) 
As Aunt Fran
The Greening of Aunt Fran (1974) 
1974- The ABC Afternoon Playbreak (TV Series) 
As Mrs. Owens
Mother of the Bride (1974)
1972- All My Darling Daughters (TV Movie) 
As Miss Freeling
1972- A Very Missing Person (TV Movie) 
As Hildegarde Withers
1971- Love, American Style (TV Series) 
Love and the Contact Lens/Love and the Doctor's Honeymoon/Love and the Motel Mixup (1971) 
Love and the Baker's Half Dozen/Love and the New Roommate/Love and the Rug/Love and the Second Time (1971) 
1969- In Name Only (TV Movie) 
As Aunt Theda Reeson
1967-1969- The Mothers-In-Law (TV Series) 
As Eve Hubbard
The Not-So-Grand Opera (1969) 
The Charge of the Wife Brigade (1969) 
Show Business Is No Business (1969) 
Take Her, He's Mine (1969)  
Two on the Aisle (1969) 
1967- The Danny Thomas Hour (TV Series) 
As Thelda Cunningham
The Royal Follies of 1933 (1967) 
1959-1967- The Red Skelton Hour (TV Series) 
As Clara Appleby / Charm School Teacher
For Better or Worse Like George Appleby Got (1967) 
Absence Makes the Hate Grow Fonder (1967) 
Lame Brain for a Day (1965) 
Where There's a Will, There's a Wife (1963) 
The Appleby's Marriage License (1961) 
1966- The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (TV Series) 
As Professor Lillian Stemmler
The Minus-X Affair (1966) 
1966- Run for Your Life (TV Series) 
As Mame Huston
Who's Watching the Fleshpot? (1966) 
1966- Bewitched (TV Series) 
As Nurse Kelton
And Then There Were Three (1966) 
1965- Laredo (TV Series) 
As Emma Bristow
Which Way Did They Go? (1965) 
1965- Sergeant Dead Head 
As Lt. Charlotte Kinsey
1964- Vacation Playhouse (TV Series) 
As Claudia Cooper
He's All Yours (1964) 
1962- My Three Sons (TV Series) 
As Marisa Montaine
A Holiday for Tramp (1962) 
1961- Checkmate (TV Series) 
As Georgia Golden
Death by Design (1961) 
1960- The Dark at the Top of the Stairs 
As Lottie Lacey
1959- Anatomy of a Murder 
As Maida Rutledge
1957-1958- The Eve Arden Show (TV Series) 
As Liza Hammond
Liza and the Harvard Man (1958) 
Full Time Mother (1958) 
Ed Weston Returns (1958) 
Liza Meets Young Korea (1958) 
Liza's Nightmare (1958) 
1952-1956- Our Miss Brooks (TV Series) 
As Connie Brooks
Travel Crazy (1956) ... Connie Brooks
Principal for a Day (1956) ... Connie Brooks
The $350,000 Question (1956) ... Connie Brooks
White Lies (1956) ... Connie Brooks
Geraldine (1956) ... Connie Brooks
1956- Our Miss Brooks 
As Connie Brooks
1953- The Lady Wants Mink 
As Gladys Jones
1952- We're Not Married! 
As Katie Woodruff
1951- Two Tickets to Broadway 
As Showgirl (uncredited)
1951- Goodbye, My Fancy 
As Miss 'Woody' Woods
1951- Starlight Theatre (TV Series) 
As Julie Todd
Julie (1951) ... Julie Todd
1950- Three Husbands 
As Lucille McCabe
1950- Tea for Two 
As Pauline Hastings
1950- Curtain Call at Cactus Creek 
As Lily Martin
1950- Paid in Full 
As Tommy Thompson
1949- The Lady Takes a Sailor 
As Susan Wayne
1949- My Dream Is Yours 
As Vivian Martin
1948- Whiplash 
As Chris Sherwood
1948- One Touch of Venus 
As Molly Stewart
1947- The Voice of the Turtle 
As Olive Lashbrooke
1947- Song of Scheherazade 
As Madame de Talavera
1947- The Arnelo Affair 
As Vivian Delwyn
1947- The Unfaithful 
As Paula
1946- Night and Day 
As Gabrielle
1946- The Kid from Brooklyn 
As Ann Westley
1946- My Reputation 
As Ginna Abbott
1945- Mildred Pierce 
As Ida Corwin
1945- Patrick the Great 
As Jean Mathews
1945- Earl Carroll Vanities 
As 'Tex' Donnelly
1945- Pan-Americana 
As Helen 'Hoppy' Hopkins
1944- The Doughgirls 
As Sgt. Natalia Moskoroff
1944- Cover Girl 
As Cornelia Jackson
1943- Let's Face It 
As Maggie Watson
1943- Hit Parade of 1943 
As Belinda Wright
1942- Obliging Young Lady 
As 'Space' OShea - aka Suwanee Rivers
1941- Bedtime Story 
As Virginia Cole
1941- Sing for Your Supper 
As Barbara Stevens
1941- Last of the Duanes 
As Kate
1941- Manpower 
As Dolly
1941- Whistling in the Dark 
As 'Buzz' Baker
1941- San Antonio Rose 
As Gabby Trent
1941- She Knew All the Answers 
As Sally Long
1941- Ziegfeld Girl 
As Patsy Dixon
1941- That Uncertain Feeling 
As Sally Aikens
1940- Comrade X 
As Jane Wilson
1940- No, No, Nanette 
1940- She Couldn't Say No 
As Alice Hinsdale
1939- Slightly Honorable 
As Miss Ater
1939- A Child Is Born 
As Miss Pinty
1939- At the Circus 
As Peerless Pauline
1939- Eternally Yours 
As Gloria
1939- The Forgotten Woman 
As Carrie Ashburn
1939- Big Town Czar 
As Susan Warren
1939- Women in the Wind 
As Kit Campbell
1938- Letter of Introduction 
As Cora Phelps
1938- Having Wonderful Time 
As Henrietta
1938- Cocoanut Grove 
As Sophie De Lemma
1937- Stage Door 
As Eve
1937- Oh, Doctor 
As Shirley Truman
1933- Dancing Lady 
As Marcia - the Southern Actress 
1929- The Song of Love (Debut)
Maisie LeRoy 

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