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Elizabeth Berkley

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Elizabeth Berkley

Born : 28 July 1974
City : Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States
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Elizabeth Berkley Biography
We have always been admiring the TV stars we like and they are said to be the greatest influence on our lives since the very beginning. We make sure that we follow their steps and get inspired with their struggle and try to work as hard as they did to achieve the success they are at today. There was never a dearth of talent in our industry, people come here entertain us but there are a very few of them who leave their influence on us. They have been surprising us with new things every time and that is why they deserve the stardom they hold today. One such name is Elizabeth Berkley. She is a well-known American actress who has given us numerous proud moments and especially known for her performance in Saved by the Bell. Elizabeth Berkley has never failed to entertain us with bets she has got. 

Elizabeth Berkley Early life | Academy Specifies | Family Background 

Elizabeth Berkley was born on the July 28th in the year 1974 in Farmington Hills and Elizabeth Berkley was raised there as well. It was a community located in Detroit's northern suburbs in Oakland County, Michigan. Elizabeth Berkley was born in the house of Jere who was a gift basket owner and Fred Berkley who was a lawyer. Elizabeth Berkley belonged to a Jewish family and her parents were very conservative so she was brought up and raised in strict rituals of Judaism. At the age of 13, she became a bat mitzvah. Elizabeth Berkley was born with a disease called Heterochromia which is a condition where the irises are of different colors. Her right eye is half green and half brown, and her left eye is all green. Talking about her physical appearance, Elizabeth Berkley also has a mole on her face which is hidden with the camouflage of makeup. In the year 1990, Elizabeth Berkley graduated from North Farmington High School. From the very beginning, Elizabeth Berkley had a keen interest in dancing and she used to dance in her house in a room that her parents had arranged for her in the basement of their house. Once she had appeared for the auditions of the lead actress in the movie Annie but the casting crew did not approve of her and turned her down. By then Elizabeth Berkley interest in dancing was increasing every single day, so she thought of pursuing her career in dancing. Elizabeth Berkley also traveled to New York to get trained with other dancers and choreographers. She participated in numerous ballets like Swan Lake in 1983 and had also appeared in a few musicals. 

Elizabeth Berkley Career

Before she stepped into acting, she was a teenage model for Elite. 

Elizabeth Berkley Acting

2016- New Girl (TV Series) 
As Becky Cavatappi
The Apartment (2016) ... Becky Cavatappi 
2015- The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (TV Series) 
As Jessie Spano
Vin Diesel/Carl Reiner/Kobe Bryant/Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson (2015) ... Jessie Spano (uncredited)
2014- Melissa & Joey (TV Series) 
As Dr. Kathryn Miller
Couples Therapy (2014) ... Dr. Kathryn Miller 
2011- Lucky Christmas (TV Movie) 
As Holly
2009- S. Darko 
As Trudy
2008-2009- CSI: Miami (TV Series) 
As Julia Winston
Dissolved (2009) ... Julia Winston
Chip/Tuck (2009) ... Julia Winston
Divorce Party (2009) ... Julia Winston
Bombshell (2008) ... Julia Winston
Resurrection (2008) ... Julia Winston
2009- Women in Trouble 
As Tracy
2009- The L Word (TV Series) 
As Kelly Wentworth
Lactose Intolerant (2009) ... Kelly Wentworth
Litmus Test (2009) ... Kelly Wentworth
Leaving Los Angeles (2009) ... Kelly Wentworth
Least Likely (2009) ... Kelly Wentworth
2008- The Butler's in Love (Short) 
As Angelique
2008- Black Widow (TV Movie) 
As Olivia Whitfield / Grace Miller
2006- Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV Series) 
As Danielle Quinn
Dollhouse (2006) ... Danielle Quinn
2005- Threshold (TV Series) 
As Christine Polchek
Progeny (2005) ... Christine Polchek
2004- Meet Market 
As Linda
2004- Without a Trace (TV Series) 
As Post-Makeover Lynette Shaw
American Goddess (2004) ... Post-Makeover Lynette Shaw
2003- Moving Malcolm 
As Liz Woodward
2003- Student Seduction (TV Movie) 
As Christie Dawson
2003- Detonator 
As Jane Dreyer
2003- CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Series) 
As Renée, Foam Dancer
Lady Heather's Box (2003) ... Renée, Foam Dancer
2003- Control Factor (TV Movie) 
As Karen Bishop
2002- The Twilight Zone (TV Series) 
As Marisa Sanborn
Sanctuary (2002) ... Marisa Sanborn
2002- Roger Dodger 
As Andrea
2001-2002- Titus (TV Series) 
As Shannon
Same Courtesy (2002) ... Shannon
Tommy's Crush (2002) ... Shannon
Shannon's Song (2001) ... Shannon
2002- Cover Story 
As Samantha Noble
2001- The Shipment 
As Candy Colucci
2001- The Curse of the Jade Scorpion 
As Jill
2001- Grosse Pointe (TV Series) 
As Elizabeth Berkley
My Best Friend's Wedding (2001) ... Elizabeth Berkley
2001- The Elevator (TV Movie) 
As Celeste
2000- Becoming Dick (TV Movie) 
As Maggie
2000- NYPD Blue (TV Series) 
As Nicole Graf
Tea and Sympathy (2000) ... Nicole Graf
Roll Out the Barrel (2000) ... Nicole Graf
2000- Jack & Jill (TV Series) 
As Gabi
Under Pressure (2000) ... Gabi
1999- Africa 
As Barbara Craig
1999- Any Given Sunday 
As Mandy Murphy
1999- Tail Lights Fade 
As Eve
1999- Brother's Keeper (TV Series) 
As Amy
You Are Me (1999) ... Amy
1999- Last Call 
As Helena
1998- Random Encounter 
As Alicia 'Allie' Brayman
1998- Taxman 
As Nadia Rubakov
1997- A Time to Revenge 
As Tiffany Whitman (scenes deleted)
1997- The Real Blonde 
As Tina
1997- Perversions of Science (TV Series) 
As Ruth
Planely Possible (1997) ... Ruth
1996- The First Wives Club 
As Phoebe LaVelle
1996- Armitage III: Polymatrix (Video) 
As Armitage (voice)
1995- White Wolves II: Legend of the Wild 
As Crystal
1995- Showgirls 
As Nomi Malone
1994- Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas (TV Movie) 
As Jessie Spano
1994- Molly & Gina 
As Kimberly Sweeny
1994- Bandit: Bandit Goes Country (TV Movie) 
As Beth
1994- Burke's Law (TV Series) 
As Heather Charles
Who Killed the Beauty Queen? (1994)... Heather Charles
1994- Diagnosis Murder (TV Series) 
As Shannon Thatcher
Flashdance with Death (1994) ... Shannon Thatcher
1993- Crossroads (TV Series) 
As Jen
Paradise Found (1993) ... Jen
1989-1992- Saved by the Bell (TV Series) 
As Jessie Spano
The Time Capsule (1992) ... Jessie Spano
Graduation (1992) ... Jessie Spano
Slater's Friend (1992) ... Jessie Spano
Screech's Birthday (1992) ... Jessie Spano
Snow White and the Seven Dorks (1992) ... Jessie Spano
1992- Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style (TV Movie) 
As Jessie Spano
1992- Baywatch (TV Series) 
As Courtney Bremmer
Showdown at Malibu Beach High (1992) ... Courtney Bremmer
Pier Pressure (1992) ... Courtney Bremmer
1992- Step by Step (TV Series) 
As Lisa Morgan
J.T.'s World (1992) ... Lisa Morgan
1992- Raven (TV Series) 
As Deborah
The Death of Sheila (1992) ... Deborah
1990- Life Goes On (TV Series) 
As Selena
La Dolce Becca (1990) ... Selena
1990- Married People (TV Series) 
As Isabel
Once More, with Passion (1990) ... Isabel
1990- Valerie (TV Series) 
As Ashley
California Dreamin': Part 2 (1990) ... Ashley
California Dreamin': Part 1 (1990) ... Ashley
1989- Who Shrunk Saturday Morning? (TV Movie) 
As Jessie Spano
1988- Platinum Blonde (Short) 
1988- Day by Day (TV Series) 
As Lizabeth
Girl Wars (1988) ... Lizabeth
1987- Frog (TV Movie) 
As Kathy
1986- Silver Spoons (TV Series) 
As Melissa
Rick Moves Out (1986) ... Melissa
1986- Gimme a Break! (TV Series) 
Getting to Know You (1986)

Elizabeth Berkley Personal Life 

Elizabeth Berkley is an animal lover and has been an animal activist for a long time now. Once in 1997, Elizabeth Berkley donned a $600 form-fitting gown made entirely of collard greens for the "Lettuce Be Lean" campaign, sponsored by PETA to try to encourage people to embrace vegetarianism. In the year 2008 & 2009, Elizabeth Berkley made her spot in the list of celebrities in an online poll by PETA to select the Sexiest Vegetarian of the Year. In the year 2000, a very unfortunate incident happened in her life for which Elizabeth Berkley was dragged in a lawsuit by an actor and screenwriter Roger Wilson. He took action against Leonardo DiCaprio, claiming that DiCaprio had encouraged his friends to assault Wilson in a street fight after he tried to defend Berkley. In the year 2003, Elizabeth Berkley marriage with actor Greg Lauren was all over the news channels. Elizabeth Berkley married him on November 1st in 2003 at the Esperanza Hotel in Cabo San Lucas. In March 2012 she told the media that Elizabeth Berkley was expecting her first child with Lauren. On July 20th in 2012 their son Sky Cole was born.   

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Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth Berkley
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Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth Berkley
Elizabeth Berkley
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Elizabeth Berkley
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