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Anne Baxter

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Anne Baxter

Born : 7 May 1923
City : Michigan City, Indiana, United States
Rank : ( 339 )
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Anne Baxter Biography
There are those few shining stars which our industry got and became the largest entertainment industry in the world. We have seen actors and actresses flourishing every day with talents and passion for their work. Their struggle and the zeal to be the best and lead the industry is what makes us idealize them and make them our source of inspiration. As we have always witnessed that our celebrities have always been a great influence on us and we always want to become like them. There are so many names on the list who have been our personal favorites for a decade now and we are still appreciating them for the hard work they had put through in the golden era to make our Hollywood industry reach such great heights. One such name is Anne Baxter, who has been awarded many awards of honor and many other prestigious titles which were very well deserved. 

Anne Baxter Early Life Specifics | Academy Specifics | Acting Career | Filmography and Television

In the year 1923, Anne Baxter came to life on May 7th in Michigan City, Indiana in the United StatesAnne Baxter was born to Catherine Dorothy—whose father was a famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright—and Kenneth Stuart Baxter an executive with the Seagrams Distillery Company. When Anne Baxter was just five years of age she appeared in a school play and then a year later her family moved to New York and there also she continued with her acting practices. Anne Baxter was raised in Westchester County in New York and Anne Baxter also attended Brearley. At age 10, Baxter attended a Broadway play starring Helen Hayes and was so impressed that she declared to her family that Anne Baxter wanted to become an actress. When she was 13 years old she was seen in Seen but not Heard. During all this time Anne Baxter was learning a lot about acting as a craft from her very famous teacher Maria Ouspenskaya. In the year of 1939 Anne Baxter was seen as Katherine’s little sister in the play named The Philadelphia Story, but unfortunately, the casting director did not like Baxter’s acting and replaced her. But after all this, Anne Baxter did not give up and turned to Hollywood. 

Filmography and Television:

1983-1986- Hotel (TV Series) 
As Victoria Cabot
Horizons (1986) 
Separations (1986)
Promises to Keep (1986) 
Changes of Heart (1986) 
Hearts Divided (1986) 
1981-1985- The Love Boat (TV Series) 
As Helen Williams / Priscilla Crawford
Caribbean Cruise: Call Me Grandma/A Gentleman of Discretion/The Perfect Divorce/Letting Go: Part 2(1985) 
Caribbean Cruise: Call Me Grandma/A Gentleman of Discretion/The Perfect Divorce/Letting Go: Part 1(1985) 
Model Marriage, A/This Year's Model/Original Sin/Vogue Rogue/Too Clothes for Comfort: Part 2 (1981) 
A Model Marriage/This Year's Model/Original Sin/Vogue Rogue/Too Clothes for Comfort: Part 1 (1981) 
1984- Sherlock Holmes and the Masks of Death (TV Movie) 
As Irene Adler
1981- East of Eden (TV Mini-Series) 
As Faye
Part Three (1981) 
Part Two (1981) 
Part One (1981) 
1980- Jane Austen in Manhattan 
As Lilliana Zorska
1980- Hagen (TV Series) 
As Claudette Gideon
The Straw Man (1980) 
1979- Nero Wolfe (TV Movie) 
As Mrs. Rachael Bruner
1978- Little Mo (TV Movie) 
As Jessamyn Connolly
1976- Arthur Hailey's the Moneychangers (TV Mini-Series) 
As Edwina Dorsey
Part IV (1976) 
Part III (1976) 
Part II (1976) 
Part I (1976) 
1973- Mannix (TV Series) 
As Victoria Page
The Deadly Madonna (1973) 
1973- Lisa, Bright and Dark (TV Movie) 
As Margaret Schilling
1973- Banacek (TV Series) 
As Leslie Lyle
If Max Is So Smart, Why Doesn't He Tell Us Where He Is? (1973) 
1973- Love Story (TV Series) 
As Elaine McKinley
All My Tomorrows (1973) 
1973- Cannon (TV Series) 
As Mayor Helen Blyth
He Who Digs a Grave (1973) 
1973- Columbo (TV Series) 
As Nora Chandler
Requiem for a Falling Star (1973) 
1969-1973- Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV Series) 
As Myra Sherwood / Julie Langley Kirk
A Necessary End (1973) 
Go Get 'Em, Tiger (1970) 
Madonna with Knapsack and Flute (1969) 
A Matter of Humanities (1969) 
1972- Lapin 360 
1972- The Catcher (TV Movie) 
As Kate
1971- If Tomorrow Comes (TV Movie) 
As Miss Cramer
1971- The Late Liz 
As Liz Addams Hatch
1971- Fools' Parade 
As Cleo
1968-1970- The Name of the Game (TV Series) 
As Louise Harris / Magda Blaine / Betty-Jean Currier / ...
All the Old Familiar Faces (1970
The Takeover (1970) 
The Bobby Currier Story (1969) 
The Protector (1968)
1970- Bracken's World (TV Series) 
As Marian Harper
Diffusion (1970) 
1970- Ritual of Evil (TV Movie) 
As Jolene Wiley
1970- The Challengers (TV Movie) 
As Stephanie York
1970- Paris 7000 (TV Series) 
Beyond Reproach (1970)
1968-1969- Ironside (TV Series) 
As Alice Flynn / Carolyn White
Programmed for Danger (1969) 
An Obvious Case of Guilt (1968) 
1969- Campus Heat 
1969- The Big Valley (TV Series) 
As Hannah Kendall
The 25 Graves of Midas (1969) 
1968- The Virginian (TV Series) 
As Nora Carlton
Nora (1968)
1968- Companions in Nightmare (TV Movie) 
As Carlotta Mauridge
1968- Run for Your Life (TV Series) 
As Mona Morrison
Life Among the Meat-Eaters (1968) 
1968- The F.B.I. (TV Series) 
As Katherine Daly
Region of Peril (1968) 
1966-1967- Batman (TV Series) 
As Olga / Olga, Queen of the Cossacks / Zelda
The Ogg Couple (1967) 
Catwoman's Dressed to Kill (1967) 
How to Hatch a Dinosaur (1967) 
The Ogg and I (1967) 
1967- My Three Sons (TV Series) 
As Eileen Talbot
Designing Woman (1967) 
1967- Stranger on the Run (TV Movie) 
As Valverde Johnson
1967- Cowboy in Africa (TV Series) 
As Erica Holloway
Search for Survival (1967) 
1967- The Busy Body 
As Margo Foster Kane
1966- The Tall Women 
As Mary Ann
1965- The Loner (TV Series) 
As Agatha Phelps
One of the Wounded (1965) 
1965- The Family Jewels 

1964- Dr. Kildare (TV Series) 
As Nora Willis
A Day to Remember (1964) 
1963- The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (TV Series) 
As Janice Brandt
A Nice Touch (1963)
1962- Mix Me a Person 
As Dr. Anne Dyson
1962- Walk on the Wild Side 
As Teresina Vidaverri
1961- The United States Steel Hour (TV Series) 
The Shame of Paula Marsten (1961)
1960- Cimarron 
As Dixie Lee
1957-1960- General Electric Theater (TV Series) 
As Ella Harley / Stella Rutledge / Maj. Edith Johansen
Goodbye, My Love (1960) 
Stopover (1958) 
The Bitter Choice (1957) 
1960- The DuPont Show with June Allyson (TV Series) 
As Louise
The Dance Man (1960) 
1960- Checkmate (TV Series) 
As Beatrice Martin Kipp
Death Runs Wild (1960) 
1959- Season of Passion 
As Olive
1959- Zane Grey Theater (TV Series) 
As Laura Fletcher
Hand on the Latch (1959) 
1959- Riverboat (TV Series) 
As Ellie Jenkins
A Race to Cincinnati (1959) 
1959- Wagon Train (TV Series) 
As Kitty Angel
The Kitty Angel Story (1959) 
1958- Lux Playhouse (TV Series) 
As Delphine Murphy
The Four (1958) 
1958- Playhouse 90 (TV Series) 
As Pat Bass
The Right Hand Man (1958) 
1958- Chase a Crooked Shadow 
As Kimberley Prescott
1957- Schlitz Playhouse (TV Series) 
For Better, for Worse (1957)
1956- Three Violent People 
As Lorna Hunter Saunders
1956- The Ten Commandments 
As Nefretiri
1956- The Come On 
As Rita
1955- The Spoilers 
As Cherry Malotte
1955- One Desire 
As Tacey Cromwell
1955- Bedevilled 
As Monica Johnson
1954- Circus of Love 
1954- Carnival Story 
As Willie
1953- The Blue Gardenia 
As Norah Larkin
1953- I Confess 
As Ruth Grandfort
1952- My Wife's Best Friend 
As Virginia Mason
1952- O. Henry's Full House 
As Joanna Goodwin 
1952- The Outcasts of Poker Flat 
As Cal
1951- Follow the Sun 
As Valerie Hogan
1950- All About Eve 
As Eve Harrington
1950- A Ticket to Tomahawk 
As Kit Dodge Jr.
1949- You're My Everything 
As Hannah Adams
1948- Yellow Sky 
As Constance Mae 'Mike'
1948- The Luck of the Irish 
As Nora
1948- The Walls of Jericho 
As Julia Norman
1948- Homecoming 
As Mrs. Penny Johnson
1947- Mother Wore Tights 
As Narrator 
1947- Blaze of Noon 
As Lucille Stewart
1946- The Razor's Edge 
As Sophie MacDonald
1946- Angel on My Shoulder 
As Barbara Foster
1946- Smoky 
As Julie Richards
1945- A Royal Scandal 
As Countess Anna Jaschikoff
1944- Guest in the House 
Evelyn Heath
1944- Sunday Dinner for a Soldier 
As Tessa Osborne
1944- The Eve of St. Mark 
As Janet Feller
1944- The Purple Heart 
As Anne 
1944- The Sullivans 
As Katherine Mary Sullivan
1943- The North Star 
As Marina Pavlov
1943- Five Graves to Cairo 
As Mouche
1943- Crash Dive 
As Jean Hewlett
1942- The Magnificent Ambersons 
As Lucy Morgan
1942- The Pied Piper 
As Nicole Rougeron
1941- Swamp Water 
As Julie
1941- Charley's Aunt 
As Amy Spettigue
1940- The Great Profile 
As Mary Maxwell
1940- 20 Mule Team 
As Jean Johnson

Anne Baxter Relationships 

1. Marriage with John Hodiak 1951 divorced in 1953- They had a daughter named Katrina
2. Marriage with Randolph Galt in 1960 and divorced in 1969- they had one child named Maginel.
3. Marriage with David Klee in 1977 
She died on 4th December in the year 1985. 
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Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter
Anne Baxter
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