North Korea SHOCK warning: Seoul would BETRAY Trump if Kim Jong-un offered THIS

North Korea SHOCK warning: Seoul would BETRAY Trump if Kim Jong-un offered THIS

North Korea SHOCK warning: Seoul would BETRAY Trump if Kim Jong-un offered THIS

NORTH KOREA could snatch Seoul away from its alliance with the United States with the promise of toning down World War 3 threats.

North Korea has been threatening to use South Korea like a target as part of its campaign to fuel World War 3 fears.

Author Nicolas Davies warned that the Kim regime could try to “isolate” US President Donald Trump by proposing a de-escalation of tensions with Seoul.

Mr Davies said: “However much the alliance with the US means to South Korea it’s not worth having their country destroyed over.

“As the South Koreans and the North Koreans talk to each other, if the North Koreans indicate that they might be willing to accept the framework the Chinese have suggested and South Korea indicates it might be willing to get along with it this could leave the Trump Administration quite isolated.”

The former Daily Mirror foreign editor said North Korea might offer to freeze its nuclear and missile development programme – a strategy proposed by Pyongyang’s only allies in the region – to ease economic pressure on the rogue regime.

Speaking to RT America, Mr Davies continued: “The proposal would see the US and South Korea stop practising for the destruction of North Korea and, on the other side, North Korea will suspend its nuclear and financial tests.”

It comes after North Korea announced it will send a delegation to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea as a sign of goodwill after restarting diplomatic talks with its neighbour.

The talks are being closely watched by world leaders eager for any sign of a reduction in tensions on the Korean peninsula amid rising fears over North Korea’s missile launches and development of nuclear weapons in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions.

South Korea’s reunification minister Chun Hae-sung said: “North Korea said that they are determined to make today’s talks fruitful, and make it a groundbreaking opportunity.”

He also said the South Koreans proposed resuming negotiations over the North’s nuclear programme, but there was no specific response from the North.

North Korean officials said during the meeting they were open to promoting reconciliation through dialogue and negotiations.




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