Donald Trump handed $700billion to combat North Korea and create HUGE army

Donald Trump handed $700billion to combat North Korea and create HUGE army
Donald Trump handed $700billion to combat North Korea and create HUGE army

Donald Trump handed $700billion to combat North Korea and create HUGE army

THE US Congress has passed an astonishing $700billion defence bill to help combat the threat of North Korea, reports claim.

Although it is not yet clear where the extra money will come from the Bill backs Donald Trump’s call for a stronger military and will included billions for missile defence systems to protect the US against Kim Jong-un.

Democrat Adam Smith said: “This defence bill is $72billion over the budget caps, so if we don’t eliminate or raise the budget caps, that additional money will go away and leave us once again in the land of uncertainty for the Department of Defence.”

The military spending boost comes as tensions between North Korea dictator Kim and US President Trump show no signs of calming.

Trump responded to North Korea branding him “old” last week by calling his counterpart in Pyongyang “short and fat”.

Increasingly fiery statements have continued to pour from North Korea’s propaganda mouthpieces.

The annual National Defense Authorisation Act (NDAA) approves the amount to be spent on the military and dictates how it should be sent.

The NDAA passed 356-70 in the Republican-controlled Congress but still has to make its way through the Senate.

The Republicans also have a majority in the Senate but face resistance with it still unclear where the extra money will come from.

The NDAA is subject to budget controls and Republicans are yet to reveal where they will make up the extra money.

For 2018 spending will be boosted to $634billion, up from last year’s $549billion.

Representative Mac Thornberry called for Congress to pass a bill to allow the $700billion speeding spree.

He said: “Securing those appropriations must be Congress’ top priority before the year ends.”

Democrats are expected to refuse to increase the spending cap on military spending unless it is also increased for none-defence spending.

The news comes after a former general claimed North Korea’s army outnumber American troops on the peninsula.

North Korea has ignored international condemnation to continue its plot to create an arsenal of deadly nuclear weapons, prompting a furious war of words between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump.

US President Mr Trump said he would “totally destroy” the hermit state after its despot leader said the United States is in the sights of their newly created nuclear arsenal.

Amid fears of World War 3, retired Lt Gen Jan-Marc Jouas has revealed the US may not be able to move enough personnel to North Korea in the event of conflict.

He said: “The 28,500 US Armed Forces personnel in South Korea are vastly outnumbered by North Korean forces.

“Unlikely every conflict since the last Korean War, we will not be able to build up our forces prior to the start of hostilities.”

Admiral Gregory Harris, Commander of the USS Nimitz’s strike group, which is part of a three-ship carrier group in the region, insisted the US is still seeking a peaceful solution to the crisis.