Could North Korea spark World War 3 by ACCIDENT? War ‘more likely than EVER’

Could North Korea spark World War 3 by ACCIDENT? War ‘more likely than EVER'
Could North Korea spark World War 3 by ACCIDENT? War ‘more likely than EVER'

Could North Korea spark World War 3 by ACCIDENT? War ‘more likely than EVER’

NORTH Korea could spark a global conflict by accident this year, a think tank has warned.

Kim Jong-un’s reclusive regime is already volatile with tensions mounting in the region on an almost daily basis – and this week a think tank said the state is “the world’s most obvious risk of a geopolitical accident”.

A report by the Eurasia Group’s Ian Bremmer and Cliff Kupchan, which looked at the biggest threats facing the world in 2018, highlighted North Korea as an obvious problem area and said that a global conflict could be sparked, merely by accident.

The analysis said: “Everyone knows that the US has only unpalatable military options. The North Koreans aren’t suicidal; further North Korean missile tests are likely, but a direct strike on an adversary is nearly inconceivable.”

However they said Kim is likely to undertake more missile tests in 2018, some over Japanese territory. They said this is likely to provoke “an escalatory response”.

The report’s authors said: “Elevated tensions combined with less trust/coordination among all actors means that mistakes, when they occur, are more likely to ignite a conflagration.

“The possibility of war, which would risk severe damage to a key US ally and impact global supply chains, remains unlikely.

“But it’s much more thinkable today than it has ever been.”

The analysis comes after a senior US military figure said President Donald Trump had proved the US would be ready to strike Kim if his threats persisted.

Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff said: “The United States has demonstrated to North Korea that we are not playing anymore.

“President Trump, basically with his last tweet we all saw, stated: ‘You wanna play games? Well, guess what: my game board is bigger than yours.’ In the military that is kind of stating to you enemies that all bets are off.”

Speaking to Fox Business, the Gunnery Sargeant continued: “We are not here to play around while Kim tries to take over the entire peninsula. Which has been North Korea’s entire goal.

“But finally the sanctions have worked. They are going to have to negotiate.

“People have to recognise that he has the fourth largest army in the world, however, we don’t know how much nutrition they have because they are literally being allowed to take leave to forage food. The sanctions have impacted his own army significantly.”

The hostile tensions between the US and North Korea could very easily boil over and bring in other neighbouring countries, in particular the likes of Japan, China and Russia.

Senior Russian officials recently warned US President Donald Trump to stay out of meddling in the upcoming talks between North and South Korea.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, called on Washington not to spoil the opportunity for dialogue between Seoul and Pyongyang, news agency TASS reported.

He said: “Other participants in this drama should show as much carefulness, balance and restraint as possible.”




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