Taylor Swift Reveals ‘Reputation’ Track List: See Who She’s Collaborating

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Reveals ‘Reputation’ Track List: See Who She’s Collaborating With & More

Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Reputation’ hasn’t been released yet, but a single tweet revealed the entire track list. Check out all the songs on the album, who she’s collaborating with, and who she may be dissing.

Time to rejoice, fans of Taylor Swift, 27. Your patience has paid off. Taylor’s forthcoming album Reputation is set to be released on Nov. 10, but its tracklist leaked all over the internet whether you were… ready for it or not. Thanks to a since-deleted tweet from a fan (as well as an eventual reveal from the singer herself), we now know the 15 songs that makeup Reputation. After the leak happened, Taylor decided to release the news on Instagram.

The song “End Game” will feature Ed Sheeran, 26, and Future, 33. Meanwhile, the song “I Did Something Bad” might be referencing the fallout after Kanye West, 40, and Kim Kardashian, 37, decided to release the now-infamous “Famous” phone call. As for what the song “New Year’s Day” could be about, it’s worth noting that Harry Styles, 23, and she broke up in early 2013… during a New Year’s vacation together and after they shared a very public New Year’s kiss. Could this track title further the history of musical beef between her and the Dunkirk actor? We’ll find out on Nov. 10.

While it was originally thought that Selena Gomez, 25, and Taylor might have collaborated on one of the songs in Reputation, the track list doesn’t mention one track featuring Selena. In her lyrics for “Call It What You Want,” Taylor seemingly references Kanye and Kim when she sings, “All the liars are calling me one.” Time will tell whether or not Kimye will be called out even more in the rest of her soon to be released the album.

Source: https://hollywoodlife.com/2017/11/07/taylor-swift-reputation-track-list-leaks-disses-collaborators/