Best Thing We Ate This Week: Basil Duck at Woody’s Wings N Things


Best Thing We Ate This Week: Basil Duck at Woody’s Wings N Things

Best Thing We Ate This Week: Basil Duck at Woody’s Wings N Things:- Unless you just happen to come across an in-the-know person and ask all the right questions, you may not know what the “things” at Woody’s Wings N Things are.

I didn’t, until a chance encounter with a Cambodian woman, who revealed that those “things” are authentic Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese, Lao and Chinese dishes. Talk about burying the lede. It’s definitely not what I expected from a restaurant whose name begins with Woody’s Wings.

I made my way over to Woody’s’ Westminster strip-mall home and was greeted with a binder — the restaurant’s 32-page menu. Yes, Woody’s has more menu pages than Baskin Robbins has flavors.

With so many options, deciding what to order is overwhelming, but the servers are very skilled at helping less-experienced folks like myself navigate the menu. (Of course, you can also borrow my no-fail ordering technique: over-order so you can try multiple things and then make yourself sick finishing four entrees. Works like a charm.)

My favorite dish — the one I continue to salivate over and dream about — is the Basil Duck. The sauce, oh my goodness, the sauce.

Spicy, rich, layered and, yes, basil-y, I’d probably eat a shoe covered in that sauce. But I didn’t have to eat a shoe, because there was so much duck dressed in that ravishing sauce.

About that duck: As is the case in any legit Asian cooking, some bones are left in. This makes it a bit cumbersome to eat, but it’s worth the extra effort for the added flavor.

In fact, the basil duck and the restaurant as a whole are both metaphors for life, right? The best rewards take work, and things aren’t always as they seem. Thanks for the life lessons, Woody’s. And the basil duck.

Basil Duck at Woody’s Wings N Things (Price? It’s a mystery! Menus don’t list prices, but the tab was very reasonable); 6817 Lowell Blvd., Westminster, 303-427-0302