Boy gets hilarious letter from tooth fairy after asking to increase his $1 to $5


Boy gets hilarious letter from tooth fairy after asking to increase his $1 to $5

Boy gets hilarious letter from tooth fairy after asking to increase his $1 to $5:- One mom in Waco, Texas, came up with a creative and constructive response when her son asked the tooth fairy for more money.

Little Hallister Senn, 8, wrote a letter to the tooth fairy on July 31 asking her to increase the amount she left for his tooth from $1 to $5 because he “worked so hard to pull it out.”

“Dear Tooth Fairy, I want a five dollar bill or hire [higher], besides I worked so hard to pull it out. From Hallister. Here’s your dollar. Have it under my pillow by afternoon,” read the earnest, handwritten note he left under his pillow.

When his mom, Elizabeth Senn, discovered it, she knew she had to come up with something creative in response — and boy did she accomplish that goal.

“Once I started typing, it just all started coming out,” Senn, a graphic designer, said with a laugh. “I didn’t respond until the 2nd because I needed a day or so to think about it.”

“My name is Dee Kay. My associate Tooth Fairy told me about your letter and I have been assigned to your case, #092208-5,” the clever mom’s tooth fairy response began.

“One thing we do agree on and have taken into consideration, it was very bold of you to ask for more money,” the letter continued, in part. “Since all your teeth have been cavity free we decided to increase our TPO (tooth pay out) by $1 for future extractions. This is with the stipulation the tooth is cavity free. Should you place a cavity filled tooth under your pillow you will receive a bill to cover our costs of flight travel.”

The little boy was stunned.

“I didn’t really expect her to respond,” Hallister told ABC News.

Senn said she thinks her son was hoping to make a fast buck after spending his entire savings, $20 dollars, on a new watch the day before.

“He wanted to recoup his wallet quicker than normal,” she explained, adding, “He took the dollar and he hasn’t complained. I don’t think he’ll be writing any more letters to her.”

Hallister agreed. He’s done chatting with the tooth fairy.

“Nope. I’m not going to try again,” he said.

Ever since the magical conversation, Senn said her son has been much better about brushing his teeth without being reminded.

So will the tooth fairy bring him more money next time?

“As long as there’s no cavities,” said mom.