‘The Voice’ Recap: Team Miley Slays Epic Performances

The Voice
The Voice

‘The Voice’ Recap: Team Miley Slays Epic Performances — But She Has To Cut 3

It’s Team Miley’s turn to take center stage on the Nov. 15 episode of ‘The Voice,’ and after all six of her artists perform, coach Miley will have to self-half of them home. Find out who in our recap!

The first artist from Miley Cyrus‘ team to take the stage is Brooke Simpson, who chooses “This Is A Man’s World” to sing during the Playoffs. It’s the perfect song for her super powerful voice, and with some of her coach’s notes, she nails all the big notes during the performance. “Damn,” Adam Levine raves. “There’s like four people…there aren’t that many people who can be as fierce, energetic and amazing as you are on that stage. The fact that at every stage you were able to control it, the execution of that is mind-blowing.”

Next up, Miley reveals her Comeback Artist, Karli Webster, who she eliminated in the Knockout Rounds. She sings Dolly Parton’s classic country track “Coat Of Many Colors,” which is obviously special to Miley, as Dolly is her godmother. “This performance was by far your best,” Adam admits. “If this was my decision to make, I would have to keep you based on that performance.” Adam Pearce, who Miley stole from Adam Levine in the Knockouts, performs next. He sings “Love Hurts,” a song in his wheelhouse that also allows him to show off more vulnerability.

The next contestant is Ashland Craft, who sings “When I Think About Cheatin’” by Gretchen Wilson. Coach Blake Shelton actually compared Ashland to Gretchen earlier in the show, so it’s clearly a great pairing — but obviously, this is a huge song to live up to. “Why the hell aren’t you on my team!?” Blake rants. “Since Gretchen, we haven’t heard that voice. And we need you.”

Moriah Formica, the 16-year-old rock singer who’s been wowing the coaches all night long, is up next. She sings “World Without You,” and delivers another incredible performance. “Moriah, you’re a star, you have that presence,” Jennifer Hudson praises. “She better be on Team Miley.” The final artist of the night is Janice Freeman, who performs “Fall For You” by Leela James. As always, she belts out the song perfectly, hitting every huge note, and all the coaches are impressed.

Unfortunately, Miley has to cut her team in half, as only three artists are allowed to move onto the Live Shows. It’s a tough decision, but she goes with Brooke, Janice, and Ashland as her finalists.

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