‘The Originals’ Final Season Scoop: Caroline Will Admit What ‘Drew Her’

The Originals
The Originals

Caroline is heading to New Orleans in the final season of ‘The Originals,’ and Julie Plec just spilled major scoop about Caroline’s return to Klaus’s life. 

Every TVD fan is aware that Caroline (Candice King) will be appearing on The Originals in its final season. Yes, this means she’ll be crossing paths once again with her former flame Klaus (Joseph Morgan), much to the delight of Klaroline fans (like myself). Well, the show’s EP Julie Plec went on a Twitter spree and gave fans some major tidbits — including major Klaroline scoop! — about what to expect in the final season. “We’ll see Caroline several times over the season, and they actually have some really interesting convos about their past dynamic and attraction,” Julie tweeted to a fan about Klaus and Caroline. “Seeing it through the prism of Hope’s crush on the ‘bad boy.’ Caroline talks about what drew her to him when she was a teenager.”

Are you screaming? Because I’m screaming. Klaus and Caroline have such an undeniable connection and chemistry. It’s about time they talked about it. But will this lead to romance? That’s still to be determined.

Julie also teased the evolution of Klaus Mikaelson in the final season. Klaus is a very complex character, but we all love him. “I love Klaus too, and this season we get to see both sides of him,” she revealed on Twitter. “The angry, paranoid, despairing Klaus, and the Klaus who longs for (but doesn’t believe he’ll ever have) unconditional love.”

But how will it all end? We know that Julie will make sure the finale is equal parts thrilling and touching, as we saw with The Vampire Diaries finale. Julie did offer this morsel about whether or not our fave characters will get their happy endings. “Well, I really can’t tell you because I don’t want to leak anything about the ending,” she said. “I will say that the ending for all the characters is a blend of beautiful, tragic, hopeful and profound. It’s very emotional.” The Originals will return for its final season in 2018.

Source: http://hollywoodlife.com/2017/11/14/klaus-caroline-spoilers-the-originals-final-season/