‘The Mane Event’: Keyshia Officially Hits Her Bridezilla Peak Just Weeks Before The Wedding

The Mane Event

Don’t mess with Keyshia! She took her wedding demands to the next level during this week’s ‘The Mane Event’! In one episode she dropped nearly $2 million.

As The Mane Event continues on, the wedding planning gets more intense. We already knew Keyshia Ka’oir was over the top, but this week, she took it to another level. The episode started off smooth, with Keyshia finally locking down a wedding venue — The Four Seasons in Miami. Then things got more intense when Keyshia rehired Kathy Romero; remember, Kathy and Keyshia didn’t see eye to eye. Keyshia became angry when Kathy made her visit a wedding venue by herself. So, when Keyshia and Kathy linked back up Keyshia was more demanding than ever. She wanted real Australian crystals with plexiglass floors. To sum things up, Keyshia gave Kathy and her team crazy demands with little to no time to complete them. In the meantime, Keyshia dropped $30,000 on the wedding cake and nearly $1 million at the jeweler. And, she was still driving Kathy crazy.

In other news, Erica and Amina agreed to try to plan the bachelorette festivities and everything else as bridesmaids together. But, they still exchanged small digs toward one another. When it came time for the two to check out some bridesmaids dresses, Keyshia sent her friend to consult on the styles. However, Amina didn’t like him to begin with because when she went to look him up on social media, he had already blocked her on Twitter. It was unclear just how they knew each other, but the tension was high. Janero continued to throw shade at Amina, and surprisingly Amina didn’t do anything. So, when Keyshia showed up, she felt the hostility and instantly asked what was going on. Amina filled her in and Erica even vouched for Amina. And, when Janero started throwing cheap shots at Amina right in front of Keyshia, that was when Keyshia knew what was up. Luckily Janero had to leave for another work commitment.

Source: https://hollywoodlife.com/2017/11/07/the-mane-event-keyshia-bridezilla-wedding-demands-recap-gucci-mane/