Xscape Headed For Another Split? Group Reveals They’re Making New Music


Xscape Headed For Another Split? Group Reveals They’re Making New Music

Is Xscape on the rocks… again? During a cringe-worthy interview, full of awkward pauses, the four members were hesitant to reveal their future music plans. And, Kandi won’t be part of them…

Xscape keeps pulling at our heartstrings! When the group — Kandi Burruss, 41, LaTocha Scott, 44, Tamika Scott, 41, and Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 42 — appeared on Watch What Happens Life, Andy Cohen, 49, asked them what’s in store for the future of Xscape. And, that’s when things got awkward. Each member abruptly paused and just looked at one another, hoping someone would take the unsure lead. “When are you guys going to make new music?” Andy asked. LaTocha said “yes” before Kandi intervened. “They are doing new music,” Kandi said as she pointed to the other girls.

So, why won’t Kandi be returning to Xscape after their tour? — Before she got a word out, Tamika called her out and shouted, “Tell the truth Kandi!” It seemed like a subtle dig, from Kandi’s agitated facial expression. “I mean I’m going to do Broadway and some other things, and they’re doing to be working on new music,” Kandi said.

Andy then asked if the group’s new music will be under the name Xscape since Kandi admitted that she won’t be part of it. “I don’t know,” Kandi said as she looked for reassurance from the group. Everyone just let out a collective and seemingly sarcastic laugh. Tiny then did what she does best to soften the blow and said, “But we are Xscape.”

As for the future of Xscape? — “There are plans to do music, we’ve already started recording,” LaTocha confidently confirmed, despite the cringe-worthy interview. “So, everything’s good?” Andy finally asked with a scared grin. Kandi took the reigns on that question, but we weren’t sure what she was trying to say. “Everything… this is… you know, we’ve been rehashing… and when certain subjects come up we butt heads,” she attempted to mutter out. One breakup was hard enough to handle; we can’t possibly withstand another!

It’s been nearly 20 years since Xscape originally split, and only nine months since they announced they were reuniting. Although they’ve always made sure to stay close to their fans, the mystery behind their split still lingered. We’re currently learning more about their tumultuous history in their 4-part special, Xscape: Still Kickin’ It, on Bravo. During last night’s episode, LaTocha and Kandi finally addressed their years-long feud, which had a lot to do with the group’s issues. And, we finally learned what really went on behind the scenes almost two decades ago.

The group is heading out on The Great Xscape Tour, which kicks off on Nov. 22. The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star, NeNe Leakes, 49, was set to host the tour, however, Xscape dropped her after she lashed out at a female heckler during her standup comedy show back in Oct. NeNe came under fire when she told the audience member that she hoped she’d get raped by an Uber driver on her ride home. NeNe was instantly booed after her comment and released a public apology [via Facebook] following the controversial show.

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