Lil Kim Shades Nicki Minaj For Coming Into The Rap Game & ‘Disrespecting’ Her Legacy


Lil Kim’s coming for blood! The rap OG called Nicki Minaj a ‘snake’ for not giving credit where credit is due to her predecessors — including Kim! Watch her full, scathing interview here.

Nicki Minaj, 34, quickly came up in conversation when Lil Kim, 42, visited Hot 97 FM for an interview on November 2. Kim discussed her collaboration with Remy Ma, 37, and gushed over how much Remy made it clear that she respected her — both in her music and her look. To Kim, it’s totally fine to pay homage to those who came before you if you “give them love.” Someone who’s not doing that? Nicki. Her feud with Nicki is more alive than ever because Nicki apparently has yet to apologize for calling her a “has been.”

” It’s hard when people can’t give you that respect, and can’t say ‘I’m sorry if I offended you, I made a mistake, I apologize. I made a mistake.’ Some things can’t be mended unless there’s a different conversation,” Kim said on Hot 97 when the hosts asked about Nicki. “Because some people take it too far. Some people really get to the point where they try to take everything from you, and really see you on the ground. If everyone knows that person is wrong, you have to right that wrong. You get one window to do right in the music industry, and at some point, people are going to be like, ‘you’re phony.’ A snake is a snake. I’m not going to pick it up because it was being nice to me. At the end of the day, it’s still a snake.”

Kim said that she loves to “uplift” other women in her industry, but only if they give her the same respect. That’s why she’s been working Remy — not because Remy’s also feuding with Nicki. She only had good things to say about Cardi B, 25, as well. She loves that Cardi dresses like her, calling it an “honor.”