GTA Online DLC Update Adds Batmobile and More


GTA Online DLC Update Adds Batmobile and More

GTA Online DLC Update Adds Batmobile and More:- The latest Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer DLC has been added to Grand Theft Auto Online as of October 27. The update includes a brand new Adversary Mode called Condemned that’s perfect for Halloween, a new weaponized vehicle named the Vigilante, and an event that should entice plenty of retired Grand Theft Auto Online players. Players that login before Nov. 6 will even get a GTA$400,000 bonus.

The Vigilante is the new vehicle that every Grand Theft Auto Online player will covet. Don’t let the name fool you because this car is as close to the Batmobile as Rockstar can make without breaking any laws. The Vigilante features a rocket propulsion system, as well as front-mounted machine guns with the option of a missile upgrade. Comic Batman may disapprove but movie Batman is all for these big guns.

After purchasing the Vigilante, players can take it for a ride in the all-new Transform Race, Inferno. Inferno will transform the player’s vehicle between the Ultralight, the Beast, and the Vigilante in this high-intensity game mode. Play it and earn double GTA$ and RP in all Transform races through October 30.

While the Vigilante vehicle may be stealing the spotlight in this update, the new Condemned mode should have its fair share of fans as well. The new Adversary Mode plays like a devilish version of the school playground game tag. One unlucky player starts each match facing imminent death as soon as a timer hits zero. The only way to avoid sudden death is to kill another player, making them then respawn with the curse. Players who fail to pass the Condemned curse are eliminated and the last player standing wins.

To celebrate the release of the new content and Grand Theft Auto Online‘s fourth anniversary, Rockstar is holding a big event featuring sales and bonus income. Think of it as a “Welcome Back” event for players who may have stopped playing until new content was available. Any player that logs on between now and November 6 will receive GTA$400,000 after the event ends. Other deals include double GTA$ and RP in Condemned, double GTA$ Salary payouts, and 30% off a ton of properties and vehicles.

Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online are available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.