DOOM 4 2016 Video Game Review

DOOM 4 2016 Video Game Review
DOOM 4 2016 Video Game Review

DOOM 4 2016 Video Game Review | Released For PS4, XBOX

DOOM 4 2016 Video Game Review : DOOM is a sci-fi first-person shooter video game and definitely a reboot of the series, it is the Fourth Title and  a Major installment since  DOOM 3 released in 2004. It feels like a new translation of the original, something of a different perspective, something very fast, very loud, very violent, and very graphic. Doom has been in development for about a decade now and is a grotesquely beautiful.
The player finds himself as the lone Marine in Doom 4 Video Game Multiplayer Game, resurrected and powerfully enhanced within a seemingly abandoned research facility on Mars , with just a shotgun, pistol and enhanced high-tech armor suit to stop an evolving attack against humanity.

Union Space Corp’s uncontrolled experiments have opened a portal into the underworld and the mission is to prevent the release of an army of bloodthirsty demons. DOOM 4  Advance Weapons 15 hours of single-player campaign, offers a massive amount of enjoyment as the story unfolds, more insane weapons such as a rocket launcher, beam rifle and a room-clearing BFG 9000 plasma gun exist with plenty of modifications and powerups. For example, a player finds a heavy assault rifle and can add a set of six exploding micro-missiles to fire at targets or add a three-round burst to a shotgun.

Doom 4 Walkthrough Game Play Video | System Requirements 

The DOOM 4high definition graphics  is definitely an improvement, letting the user feel the rage left behind after the action, with pools of blood and body parts of demons lay strewn, as the player runs into the swarm of demons. Oh yeah, you can never forget the chainsaw, nothing more brutal can a weapon be , for slicing and dicing a demon exists as long as a player can keep finding the gas canisters. The close-quarters “Glory Kill” lets you experience,  the most violent termination of the subject but also cause it to dump more health-restoring orbs. “Ruin Trials” which is scattered amongst the locations  helps hone a player’s skills and unlock even more modifications to weapons.

The outdoor scorching sand of the Red Planet, over a dozen varieties of enemies, waves of possessed soldiers, revenants (demons with cybernetic augmentations), Hell Knights, the Incredible Hulk and floating Summoners and the minions who get called in hoards are graphic awesomeness. In short humans of sound mind need only apply, as this is a game born and bred upon violent and brutal encounters and may not be easy for an amateur.  Even medium difficulty settings guarantee many a horrendous deaths at the hands of the demon-controlled minions.Believe it’s going to take time to explore and unlock the many secret levels and enjoy a couple of other modes to extend the gameplay.

The ability to, build death traps for others to get caught in via “SnapMap” level creator offers the gamer to concoct his own “Doom” 4 Cheatsheet can be downloaded to defeat world complete with enemies, weapons and power pickups and post it for other players around the world to take his deadly challenges.
The online multiplayer action features six styles of competitions — spread out over nine maps and involving soul-sucking, freezing enemies and death matches. A player can also transform himself into a demon for a short time to wreak havoc on opponents.
 “Doom” is definitely back and better than ever.

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