Top 10 Worst Oops Moments of Hollywood Stars 2016 [Actresses]


Top 10 Worst Oops Moments of Hollywood Stars 2016 [Actresses]

Well let’s admit it, celebrity accidents are what many people drool over. Especially nude actresses and even more when those accidents are of leaked private and nude pictures.

Don’t agree?? Here are the 10 celebrity images that went crazy viral across all the different social media platforms in 2016.

Top 10 Worst malfunctions Oops Moments of Hollywood Actresses 2016.

1.Chrissy Teigen

1. Christi Tigen

Famous celebrity Chrissy Teigen finds with their new dress and until shows their hot P****y among celebrities.Here Chrissy Teigen’s hot p****y look at the white house party. Wearing high splits is absolutely fine Chrissy, only until you are not showing off that p****y at a white house. You see there are cameras everywhere prowling like hungry lions that haven’t been fed for weeks for something exactly like that.

OK now that you have done it! (Yes we can see that thing). The snaps will be feeding the trolls all over the social media.

2. Nicky Hilton

2. Niki Hilteon 1
Cameras are everywhere prowling like hungry lions that haven’t been fed for weeks for something exactly like that and Nickey Hilton highlighted with their nude a**. Yes Nicky, now we can successfully claim that a bunch of nerds blogging about celebrity accidents are more careful about covering your a** than you are! And yes if you look closely, that’s our logo we have used to cover your butt. Just wanted to tell you that remembering to wear your panty is not that tough.

3. Victoria Beckham

3. Victoria Beckham
It’s not a rumor and an edited we look Victoria Beckham ‘s shameless pic. after a party at first week of December 2016.Ok Victoria, we understand that you would wanna say that there’s nothing wrong with that dress. You were just too drunk to know where you are peeing. Maybe it’s just that you are too famous to pee in your pants.

4. Behati Prinsloo

4. Behati Prinsloo
Mistakes by the designer and this thing became sexy image of Behati Prinsloo.And it had come on top Oops list of 2016. Two big malfunctions of the same person in this list! I must say, either there is something wrong with your designer, or those body parts just wanna be free and not bound by the absurdity called the dress. Either way, we are having fun! Thank you.

5. Nicki Minaj

5. Nicki Minaj
One snapshot makes Nicki Minaj unseen hot look among fans.A sexy wrapper still with 2016, a rich basketball player and nip slip all in one snapshot. What Else could I have asked for, this is the best day of my life? Now if you will excuse me, I will ‘come back’ after I ‘cumm back’ LOL!!

6. Rihanna

6. Rihana
Rihanna Oops moments became discuss among the public.You can be rightfully called the queen of oops moments! Don’ believe me? Ok fine just Google ‘Rihanna wardrobe malfunction’ and try to count how many times did that happen. I mean Rihanna sure your lips are yours to do with whatever you like, but come on, we have lost interest in your nips now. Maybe a fully covered Rihanna will be more exciting. Who’s to say? Give it a try will you?

7.Miley Cyrus

7. Miley Cyrus
I don’t even think it’s worth talking about you when it comes to ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’.An unseen pic comes forward among public with Miley Cyrus nip slip. You simply love showing your parts off and you are showing them off. So who am I to stop you huh?

8. Emma Stone

8. Emma Stone
Very shameless for Emma Stone’s Panty looks.Oh, fuckos that’s just a lady having an off day, so what if it’s the Oscars where this happened. She did not do it intentionally. Well, how do I know? Simple, because she is wearing a panty. Yes, she is wearing a panty so do not try to ogle between the legs.

9. Paris Hilton

9. Paris Hilton
Sorry, Who? Who’s MR?Paris Hilton? Whhaaaat the f__k? She is a celebrity?? Haven’t heard of any celebrity named Paris Hilton lately. Oh, so now you wanna tell me that, that’s the reason she shows off so much more than Paris Hilton intends with their nip slip.

10. Madonna

10 Madonna Grammys

Won’t tell you to be careful or anything with this hot moment. Why do you ask? Well, it’s something you do with those bulky melons of yours. We love them more and more each time we see them with several repetitions as we show this in 2016. In fact, we find famous Madonna’s bulky butt.



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