The Biggest Moments from the 2017 CW DC Crossover So Far

The Biggest Moments from the 2017 CW DC Crossover So Far
The Biggest Moments from the 2017 CW DC Crossover So Far

The Biggest Moments from the 2017 CW DC Crossover So Far

Don’t you just love a good crossover?

Tonight was the official start of the CW’s now annual DC crossover, with all the heroes from Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow gathering together to witness the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West.

The wedding started out just beautiful, but of course, it was interrupted when the priest was obliterated by some unexpected heat vision, and a whole bunch of Nazis arrived to mess some s—t up. Turns out they were all from Earth-X, a place where the Nazis won World War II and everything was bad and also very different—like Evil Oliver and Evil Kara are married kinda different.

So far, we’ve got the who and the why, but at the end of tonight’s episode of Arrow, things were looking pretty bad for pretty much everyone on every team given the fact that most of them are now trapped on Earth-X with possibly only Iris and Felicity to save the day (which we are all for, by the way). While we wait to learn their fate tomorrow night, let’s talk about a few of the biggest and best moments from the first two hours!

When Alex Met Sara

From getting drunk together at the rehearsal dinner to waking up naked together the next day to awkwardly trying to remember each other’s names to instinctively ripping their dresses to fight Nazis side by side at the wedding, we are here for this hook up.

Musical Call Back

While we don’t know how/when Kara had time to learn that song Barry sang to Iris before he proposed at the end of the musical ep, it was lovely to hear her sing it and no, we’re not crying or anything it’s fine.


Of course the head Nazis were Oliver, Kara, and the original time and death-defying Reverse Flash. Obviously.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver and Kara?

And obviously Nazi Oliver and Nazi Kara are married (while Oliver’s trying unsuccessfully to get Felicity to marry him), and she’s dying, and she needs the heart of her doppelganger to survive. We’re confused about this plan vs. the plan to conquer and rule Earth-1, but we guess we’ll accept this reason to feel weird watching Stephen Amell and Melissa Benoist kiss each other.

Back from the Dead

He wasn’t around for long, but it sure was nice to see Colin Donnell back as Tommy Merlyn. Sure, he was a very evil Nazi Tommy Merlyn, but his face was the same, and Oliver’s sadness sure was real. RIP again.