Aly Raisman Emotionally Details Dr. Larry Nassar’s Painful ‘Ungloved’

Aly Raisman
Aly Raisman

Gymnast Aly Raisman has come forth in her new book to bravely give the details about the way she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Dr. Larry Nassar. Find out the painful situations she had to endure here.

This is disturbing. Aly Raisman, 23, has detailed the way she was allegedly sexually assaulted under the guise of treatment by Dr. Larry Nassar in her new book, Fierce and it isn’t pretty. Aly wrote that Dr. Nassar, who was a volunteer osteopath with USA Gymnastics, would sometimes “close his eyes” or “seem out of breath” when he would work on her. She also stated that he would sometimes come to her hotel rooms unannounced and insist that she needed massages. Although Aly thought it felt a little strange, she was told it was an “honor” to be treated by such a prestigious doctor so she stayed silent on her doubts.

Aly started getting treated by Dr. Nassar when she was just 15 years old and because she was treated by different doctors over the years, she knew the way he did things was not quite right. “When I lay on my stomach to have my hamstrings worked on, towels were draped over my hips and buttocks for privacy and to ensure there was no inappropriate skin-to-skin contact,” she wrote of the normal routine with most doctors. “They never, ever crossed any lines in where they massaged and there was never a moment when their methods made me uncomfortable. It was different with Larry. I would lie on the table, my hands involuntarily balling themselves into fists as his ungloved hands worked their way under my clothing. ‘Treatment sessions’ with him always made me feel tense and uncomfortable.” Eventually, Aly asked to speak to an investigator about the issue, but she was told not to speak to anyone else about the situation or Dr. Nassar.

Aly isn’t the only accuser of Dr. Nassar. Over 130 other women, including Aly’s Olympic teammate McKayla Maroney, 21, have come forward to share their own experience with the doctor and also compared stories with Aly’s, which were uncomfortably similar. Dr. Nassar pleaded guilty to child porn charges in July and is currently in prison at a facility in Michigan.