Aaron Carter Shows Off His Bulge In Sexy Pic After Crying During Performance At Gay Club

Aaron Carter

Well, hello there, Aaron Carter! The singer showed off his insane abs and impressive bulge on Aug. 11 when he posted a post-bath selfie wearing nothing but a towel! Perhaps he was trying to unwind after his emotional gay club performance one day earlier.

Is Aaron Carter, 29, still a singer or is he actually a mailman? Because he could have fooled us with that big package he’s carrying! The grown-up 90’s pop star took to Instagram to show fans what he’s working with on Aug. 11, and it got super steamy! Aaron posted a mirror selfie from a bathroom in Milan, captioning the pic “that bath was just what I needed.” Let’s just say, it definitely wasn’t a cold one! Scroll down to see the bulge.

The “Candy” singer flaunted his impressively cut abs, muscular arms, and sexy tattoos, but we couldn’t keep our eyes off of something else: his huge bulge! All he’s wearing in the pic is a towel around his waist, and there’s a VERY noticeable bump going on! Fans immediately jumped into the comments saying “damn damn damn so sexy” and “omg! Bulge!” one fan even said, “now, drop the towel!” Whoa!

Perhaps Aaron “needed” to relax because his very first show after coming out as bisexual was on Aug. 10, and he got a little emotional on stage. He was performing at Hamburger Mary’s in Florida when he broke down in tears thanking fans for supporting him, and confirming that he’s bisexual. “I am who I am and I’m going to play you guys a song no one’s ever heard,” he said. “I wrote this song about my ex-girlfriend that I just left, so, bye Felicia.” You go, Aaron! Judging by that bulge, we don’t think it’d be hard for him to find another girl or guy that would gladly replace her!

Source: http://hollywoodlife.com/2017/08/11/aaron-carter-bulge-shirtless-towel-pic-gay-club-show/