Traveling Tips for New York City


Traveling Tips for New York City | Top Tips for Visiting New York City | Tips to Travel New York first time | New York tipping

Traveling Tips for New York City :- New York City will always be top on our list of best travel cities. Considering we travel to New York City several times a year . What to do in New York City – Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge What to do in New York City .One of our favorite things to do in New York City is walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.  

new york tipping
New York tipping

The Brooklyn Bridge is the most iconic bridge in New York City and can be seen on street paintings, New York City photographs, magnets and snow globes along with other great icons such as the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and the yellow taxi cab.The Brooklyn Bridge
We road the subway towards City Hall and exited amongst the tall government buildings. After escaping their shadow, views of the Brooklyn Bridge towers came into site. The sun was setting, illuminating the November sky with a rainbow of colors.

first time travelling tips new york city
first time traveling tips New York city

 The New York City Marathon was to be held the next morning and it seemed like many of the 40,000 participants were touring the city. The boardwalk of the bridge sits above the roadway, offering unobstructed views of Lower Manhattan, the East Side and Brooklyn. Through the suspension cables, we could see the silhouette of Lady Liberty down in the Hudson River. Below us was Pier 17, also known as South Street Seaport. Pier 17 is a hotspot for restaurants, bars, shopping, and street entertainment.
 You don’t have to walk over the entire bridge, but at the halfway point the thick painted cables no longer appear in your photos and you can see for miles up and down the East River. Be careful of locals riding their bikes over the boardwalk.Traveling tips for New York It’s divided up into 2 lanes, one for bikers. They usually aren’t too happy about having to stop their cross city workout for a bunch of tourists taking photos.

travelling tips for new york
traveling tips for New York

A bronze plaque rests on the tower closest to Manhattan, detailing those that built and sponsored the Brooklyn Bridge.  I still have a hard time believing this bridge was completed in the late 1800’s.  That’s an amazing architectural feat by the Roeblings.
 If you are planning a visit to New York City, you must include a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge on your list of what to do in New York City.  

first time travelling tips for new york
first time traveling tips for New York




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