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Bill Peterson is a pseudo-name for an author and gambler who writes under several pen names on a wide variety of subjects. Bill has been around horse racing for 50 years. He has owned and groomed race horses that raced on the New England circuit in the United States. He has also worked in race track publicity and as a race track announcer.

Bill can trace the horse racing roots of his family back to Cornwall England in the times of the Saxons and then to Ireland and finally the United States. As he puts it, "Horse racing is in my blood."

His commonsense approach to handicapping and gambling have earned him the respect of many people.

"Gambling and playing the horses can be fun and challenging, but like so many other human pursuits, it can also become an obsession. I caution all people who buy my information and who pursue handicapping to keep it all in perspective and if it starts to cause problems in your life, quit, even if that means finding help to do that.

Gambling for a living is a hard life and not very glamorous for most of us who try it. There are a lot of easier and less stressful ways to make a living. Therefore, I recommend you keep it an enjoyable hobby. But whether you do it as a hobby or as a career, using a good system will help you to do a better job. There are no guarantees in life, but a systematic approach is almost always the best way to get a job done."


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