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Family Beach Vactions Resorts

16 Aug 2016
Family Beach Vacations Resorts All Inclusive Beach Vacations | The Vactions Are Best There | The Island Of Plantation

Family Beach Vacations Resorts All Inclusive Beach Vacations | The Vactions Are Best There | The Island Of Plantation                  

You might not believe this, but the Caribbean is not the only hot spot that offers tourists and vacationers some cheap all inclusive family beach vacations.

Yes, you heard me right, and if you don’t believe me, keep reading because the State of Florida also offers some really great all inclusive vacation packages.So if you hate the idea of going to other countries and want to enjoy a nice vacation at home, then check out some resorts in Florida which offer some really nice deals,(The best Family Resorts) will also list then below for you.

Not only will you like these resorts that Florida has to offer, but I am confident that you will want to go back. Not to say that a resorts in Florida safer than the Caribbean, but you feel a sense of home and therefore ultimately feel safer for sure.The Palm Resort Island

This resort is one of my favorite resorts in Florida for sure. I once read an interesting article not too long ago that said the Palm resort island and spa is Florida’s resort of love. There is absolutely no the usual electronics that you are used too, things such as phones, radios, computers and all that stuff are not available because the main focus of the Palm resort is to also experience a little of nature by being free of electronics.

As the name suggests, it’s really an island, therefore, the only way to get there is by boat and those are immediately provided upon arrival.The Med Club Sand Resort

The med club sand resort is an all inclusive family beach vacations resort, so if you are a family and looking to save a buck or two, then you will definitely achieve that at club med. Saint Lucie is where this beautiful resort is located in case you are not sure exactly where this beautiful resort is. There is a ton of activities and things to do at the med sand resort, and some of them include: tennis courts, scuba diving, swimming, basketball and many, many more.(
5 Reasons Inclusive Beach Vacations Are So Popular)

It really is a nice family beach resort. Everything and I mean everything you need, it will be provided for you at the resort, plus you can get to the resort by taking a resort mini car which I think is great. There is also some fun activities specifically designed to keep the kids busy, so the adults can have some alone time as well.

The Island of Plantation

With its beautiful white sands, the island of plantation, also known as Amelia is truly one of a kind. There is a little of everything for everyone regardless of age. If you are looking for a resort that offers all inclusive beach vacations deals and packages at a discount and at the same time enjoy a nice relaxing vacation closer to home, then it doesn’t get any better than the island of Plantation beach resort.


16 Aug 2016
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