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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips

Ways Strategies to Get Testosterone

How to Build Testosterone Hormone
Testosterone is usually a hormone produced by males in large amounts and a little bit by females in the adrenal glands and the testes. High testosterone levels are usually associated with the reproductive function, sexual performance, growth of hair, competition behaviors, muscle mass among other things. The levels of testosterone tend to peak at the age of 40 and thereafter starts to decline slowly.
The importance of testosterone Fighting of depression – Depression may be caused as a result of low testosterone levels in the body. After undergoing testosterone treatments as directed by a doctor, men suffering from depression starts showing improvement in mood and other depression factors.Decreases body fat – Testosterone helps in regulation of glucose, insulin and fat metabolism. When testosterone levels in the body go down, it leads to decline in the ability of the body to regulate them which in turn leads to accumulation of fat.
Increases muscle mass – It increases strength and muscle mass by increasing the synthesis of proteins.Strengthening of bones – Testosterone plays a great role in bone health as it increases the density of the bone by stimulating mineralization of bone as well as decreasing resorption of bone.Improves erections and libido – Testosterone being a sex hormone, it improves erections and increases libido.
Ways to How to get more Testosterone are: Weight loss.
An overweight person can increase his testosterone levels by shedding the excess pounds of weight. Men who are overweight are likely to have low testosterone levels. Losing weight can be enhanced by limiting the amount of processed sugar in the diet as it this sugar which is the causation factor of obesity. An individual should also eliminate all milk and grains in the diet. Milk usually contains a sugar known as lactose which increases insulin resistance. These food stuff can be replaced with healthy substitutes such as healthy fats and vegetables. A body requires carbohydrates in micronutrient dense vegetables instead of sugars and grains. This is because it slows down the conversion to simple sugars such as glucose and reduction of insulin level. For The Best way To Lose Your Weight Peak fitness and Intermittent fasting.
Peak fitness exercises have been shown to boost testosterone. Intermittent fasting increases testosterone through the increase of satiety hormone including leptin, insulin, cholecystokinin and adiponectin which are known to potentiate healthy testosterone actions, prevention of Age related testosterone decline and an increase of libido.Plenty consumption of Zinc.
Zinc mineral is vital for the production of testosterone. Restricting dietary sources of zinc leads to a slight decline in testosterone while on the other hand supplementation of zinc increases it and even protects men from exercised-induced reductions in the levels of testosterone. An individual’s diet is the best source of zinc along with foods rich in protein such as fish, meat. Other good sources of zinc include raw cheese, raw milk, yogurt, and beans. A decision to use a zinc supplement should restrict to a dosage of fewer than 40 mg per day. It is worth noting that taking too much zinc in the body interferes with the body’s ability to absorb other minerals such as copper.Strength training.
This is also known to increase levels of testosterone as far as an individual is doing the training intensively. In doing strength training, an individual will want to increase the weight while lowering the number of reps then focusing on exercises that work a large number of muscles such as squats or the deadlifts.
The Revolutionary program Of Strenght TrainingStress Reduction
Under the condition of excess stress, the body releases high levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone. The hormone blocks the effects of testosterone because testosterone associated behaviors like mating may have lowered the chances of survival in an emergency hence flight/fight response is dominant, a courtesy of cortisol. The best tool for managing stress is the Emotional Freedom technique which is handy, free tool for unloading emotional baggage painlessly and quickly. Other tools of stress reduction include; meditation, praying, yoga and laughter eating healthy fats.
This means eating saturated fats rather than keeping eating only the mono and polyunsaturated fats such as those found in nuts and avocados. These saturated fats are usually important for building testosterone. Usually, a diet with less than 40 percent of saturated fat leads to a decline in testosterone levels. Thus, it is vital for a diet to have n60-7- percent healthy fat so as to increase testosterone levels in the body. The body requires saturated fats from vegetable and animal sources for optimal functioning.The Best program Tested in The Industry Of Diet Nutrition
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