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Many times, a vitamin that is good for hair health is also good for the skin and he nails. They are all made of similar connective tissues such as collagens, amino acids and proteins, and various nutrients help to stimulate their growth and enhance their appearance.

I’ve often found that when taking a supplement that is labeled for hair growth or stronger hair will also benefit my skin and nails for this reason. However, there are some formulas that specifically put various ingredients in for each one of these connective tissues, resulting in a superior formula that targets all three.There are several vitamins in the market Best Vitamins for Hair,Skin, and Nails . My Personal Recommendation: What I Think is the Best Hair, Skin, Nail Vitamin I’ve EVER Used and Which I Always Highly Recommend to My Friends if They Want Great Skin and Longer Hair Fast

Futurebiotics Hair Skin and Nails Tablets, 135-Count
That’s what we are here to talk about. My experience with some of these vitamins and what you might expect from taking a supplement for hair, skin and nail health.  The best hair skin and nails vitamin I have ever used, and still use to this day is actually a very competitively priced supplement.
It is called Futurebiotics, and I have found it as low as $11 per bottle of 120 tablets (you take two to three a day).  Of course, the supplement and vitamin stores will probably charge more, but if you bargain hunt online, you can find some great deals.
The formula recommends that you take two to three tabs per day. However, I found that if I start off the first month taking two per day, I can taper off to one per day soon after with the same results. I think the key is to build the supplement up in your system and reach a point of “saturation”.
I would start off that first month to six weeks taking one in the morning with breakfast and one vitamin at night with dinner, or with lunch time.  I recommend always taking them with a meal, and also chewing them up thoroughly to get the most out of them.
Like many other multivitamins, they will upset your stomach if taken with nothing else but water.  They have a very strong taste, so chewing them thoroughly will take some getting used to. Chewing them helps to increase absorption.
Sometimes with tablets, we may not fully digest them if swallowed whole.  You get your money’s worth if you take the time and endure the unpleasantness of tasting them.
So, What Are Some of the Vitamins Included in Hair Skin and Nail Formulas?
There are quite a few vitamins that work in tandem to increase the growth of your hair and nails, and also enhance the beauty and health of the skin.
While some may work great alone, I prefer taking a vitamin that includes several all together, this way you get the synergistic benefit of several various organic compounds working together, complementing one another. Sometimes one may even increase the absorption and utilization of another.
The vitamins that should be included in a hair supplement are including, but not limited to : Biotin (which is a form of Vitamin B), Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K.
Futurebiotics Hair Skin and Nails Tablets, 135-Count
Biotin is probably the most well known for its ability to help with hair growth.  It is even recommended for chemotherapy patients to help their hair grow back faster after their treatments are over.  It also may help with nail growth, and can help the skin look better, but it is primarily known for its hair benefits.
Vitamin C is a great skin nutrient.  This is a precursor to collagen, which is necessary to maintain the “foundation” under the skin which holds everything up. It is also the connective tissue that, when strong, helps prevent wrinkles from forming.
Topical vitamin C is known for its ability to clarify the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation and age spots.
Vitamin D is a great vitamin to take to help compliment the other vitamins as it may help increase absorption of calcium (which is technically a mineral, discussed further below). It also helps to repair damaged skin cells and may help to prevent certain types of skin cancer – which is ironic considering we get most vitamin D from the much-vilified sunlight.
Minerals for Hair, Skin and Nail Health and Growth
Who can overlook minerals as they relate to the health and growth of the nails?  In particular, the most well known mineral that has gotten so much attention for maintaining bone strength later in life, calcium.
Calcium is an important mineral to building bone, tooth, ligament, and nail strength. It also may play a role in the health and growth of the hair, to a lesser extent.
Zinc is another mineral which has shown some importance in the growth of the hair. It is included in some formulas as well, although there is some concern as this mineral can grow to dangerous levels if too much is taken.
While most of these Beauty Boosting Supplements can be found in nutrient-rich health foods and your daily multi-vitamin, it is still possible to combat wrinkles by adding one or more of these important anti aging supplements.
Other Miscellaneous Ingredients to Look For
Horsetail, which is an herb, is a popular addition to hair skin and nail vitamin formulas.  It helps the hair grow strong and long, faster. It also has this effect on the hair.
Oat straw is another that has great internal qualities that help stimulate hair growth and help it to look shiny and healthy.  L-cysteine is an amino acid that compliments hair growth when taken internally as well, and may be paired with additional amino acids to compliment hair growth and ensure long integrity for the skin.

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