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“Great legs but you need to work on your abdomen region”, “You got to have sturdier arms, try dumbbells!” “What would you suggest for the calves and shins?“ These are some of the most frequently heard dialogues at a gym. Not necessarily the gym, but these conversations have now become ubiquitous-one being able to find them on every social networking site inbox. It is the rage for having a chiseled, perfect body which is driving the generations younger; as well as the elder; insane. People’s obsession with “a perfect body” is forcing them to invest unreasonable amounts of time, efforts and money at the gym and in other related activities and at the same time, presenting or setting up a model for a perfect body ,leading to the development of an unhealthy body image in the minds of many individuals. But the answer to the question which needs to be unveiled is- Are Protein supplements beneficial for the body or do their shortcomings successfully overshadow the scarce aid that they provide people with.You must concern with the best nutrition for supplement suggestions. In order to find a definite answer to this question, a thorough research of the facts and fundamentals need to be done. On the basis of the research that I did, I was able to gather the following information. Read on.


Protein Supplements: The Ultimate Guide To The Best For You

There are several distributors for the supplements around you but you can search the Best Protein supplement supplier list through your fitness trainer. Protein supplements are concentrated sources of protein that are consumed by those whose diets lack adequate amounts of protein. These supplements are specifically marketed and among the most widely used are branched-chain amino acids, glutamine, essential fatty acids, weight loss products, creatine, testosterone boosters or meal replacement products. Whey is the most commonly used because it’s a water-soluble milk protein.Most often, growing children and sportspersons require these supplements. But for the others, how does one know if one’s diet provides enough protein or not?



In order to find out if you are getting enough protein or not, read the following recommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that they search on the Protein and concern with the best to best protein supplement supplier and after all got a result that;
1-: An average adult needs 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, so if you weigh 60 kilograms then your protein requirement of a single day equals to 48 grams.
2: -For those of us who take part in recreational athletics need 1.1 to 1.4 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight. Again, for a 60 kg individual, the protein requirements total to 66-84 grams.
3: are-Competitive athletes need 1.2 to 1.4 grams, and those who are involved in ultra-endurance sports may need up to 2 gram per kilogram of weight.
Athletes building muscle mass need 1.5 to 2 grams per kilogram per day.


WHEY PROTEIN Supplement: Usage, Dosage, Side Effects & Benefits 

The reasons people opt for protein supplements are many, but only a few are justified and benign for the body. Some of the reasons include-
Growing children- Since teenagers need more proteins in order to fuel their daily activities and support the high energy processes taking place within their bodies, they require more proteins.
Beginners- For those who are new to working out and are trying to build muscles, the protein requirement suddenly shoots up and therefore some people resort to protein supplements.This too much best protien suppliment supplier in market but you have to choose the right option.
When the jump is a big one!-For those who initially worked out for half an hour but then decide to switch to a more vigorous form of physical activity in which the energy requirement is significantly higher, then an increase in the protein intake is very natural.
Getting back to health-For those who are under healing, are on the way to getting an injury or wound healed, the tissues are reconstructed and thus require a lot more protein than the normally required amount.
On the vegetarian way-Those who wish to quit non vegetarian food all at once and take the green track, it is quite a task because non vegetarian food is relatively richer in proteins as compared to vegetarian cuisine, and in order to compensate for the protein eliminated in the form of fish, chicken, meat and eggs, people start consuming packaged protein supplements.
Though all the reasons for extra protein intake are quite justified the way are but the fact that needs attention here is that, most of us get enough protein from our daily diet. For athletes and bodybuilders; though the requirement is more; but it can be met through daily diet and therefore obviates the need for taking any protein supplements. Moreover, studies suggest that in the western countries especially America, most people already get about 15% of their daily calories in protein, not only that but most Americans also exceed the permitted protein intake and therefore consuming supplements proves to be nothing but hazardous to health. Why? “Excess of everything is bad” is not an explanation enough for this question. The drawbacks of protein supplement consumption are numerous and their adverse effects on one’s body cannot simply be neglected! Read on.
Calories:I spy!
While only a few protein supplements are low in fats and sugar, most of them contain hidden calories.It is the high-calorie content that does much more harm than good.One must always be on the lookout for protein supplements that are high in calories.The calorie content should not be more than 150 calories per container or 3 gm sugar,wh rich would lead to weight gain and will hamper fitness instead of promoting it.
Price less?NO!
Research done by the Mc Kinley health centre at the University of Ilinois claims that obtaining proteins from the daily diet is far more cheaper than supplementing.A protein supplement cost anywhere between $0.94-$2.69.Most proteins are expensive and can be bought at economic prices only when they are bought in wholesale which would again mean spending a lot of money at once.Anyhow, a hole in the pocket is inevitable.
Paying HEAVILY- Literally.
This is not a repetition of the previously mentioned disadvantage but refers to the accumulation of heavy metals such as lead in the body, due to  excess protein intake.An article on the Sports Dietitians Australia suggests that those who consume 3 or more than 3 servings of the supplement per day were sure to get exposed to heavy metals.This happens largely due to the cross exchanges that might take place during the process of manufacturing.The servings should therefore be limited to 1 or 2 per day.
Processing- kidney disorders!
Processing excess intake can put pressure on the kidneys.Excess animal protein is linked with kidney stones.And for those who are already suffering from this disease, excess protein intake can accelerate the disease.Dr. Helen Crawley at The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that most adults in the United States get more protein than they need and that there is no reason to have added protein in the diet.Only vulnerable groups like old people, weak or underweight individuals and that too; when medical advice is sought.
It is therefore highly recommended that one includes these supplements in one’s diet only when advised by a physician or nutritionist.Otherwise, the alt hits acquiring proteins from daily diet healthiest and the most advisable thing to do.
FUN FACTS AND FIGURES | Fun facts on nutritional supplements
  • The highest amount of protein a 75 kg athelete would require per day is 150 gms.
  • A four once hamburger contains 30 gm of protein, which means that a 40 kg child’s nutritional protein needs are fulfilled by consuming it.
  • Contrary to popular beliefs, it is not protein intake which is imperative, before and after workout but carbohydrates.Carbohydrates fuel the body and provides the energy which our muscles run on.
  • Proteins are also important for post workout recovery but the ratio in which proteins and carbohydrates are required is 4:1 or 5:1.
  • The sport related protein product sector is boming, It is estia=mated that the world will be chewing and gulping down 8 billion a year of bars, dry inks and other supplements by 2016
  • The best sources of proteins include eggs, fish, and meat.
  • The building blocks of proteins are known as amino acids which are 20 in number, out of which 9 are known as essential amino acids- since the body cannot synthesise them independently.The rest 11 are non-essential amino acids that can be synthesised by the body .
  • Animal fat is considered to be the best source of proteins as it is a complete source that provides one with all the nine essential amino acids.
Whey protein is a popular diet supplement among people of all ages.Baby formulas include it,as do nutrition shakes for the elderly.Weight  loss supplements contain whey powder asan appetite suppressor, yet young men buy whey powder in hopes of increasing muscle mass.But biggners must concern with the fitness trainers and best protien suppliment dealer for the genuine product.
Whey protein is the isolated form of milk that is obtained as a side product during the production of cheese from milk.It is therefore richer in protein concentration because other elements like lactose, fats et cetra are separated.
From the above facts and figures, studies ad research it is quite clear that though protein supplements are a quick and convinient source of obtaining proteins but the drawbacks associated with these proteins cannot be overshadowed by the convinience that they offer.Also, these supplements that often come packaged in large container resembling buckets or wine bottles, are printed with images of brawny looking,sturdy men- whose bodies pictorially idealise and eulogize a certain body type, which is labelled as the ‘ perfect’ body and in turn is responsible for the development of an unhealthy body image  in the minds of young men and women-especially adolscents, making them over critical about their physique and labelling certain body types as “desirable” while the others as “undesirable”.It also forces them to sacrifice their overlook their fatigue and fitness and compromise their comfort level at the cost of achieving a “perfect” body.The protein powder supplements Manufacturers are producing the body growth suppliment powder but the duplicates are running fastly on market.It is therefore extremely essential for parents and family members to ensure that the young ones in the family have a good body image and don’t over exhaust or push themselves too hard in order to meet the standards set by these supplement brands.Natural proteins are anyday a better and a healthier option and should be consumed instead of packaged, protein supplements.Since,“nature provides the medicine” is not only an adage but an advice to reflect upon, therefore one should rely more upon one’s own labour rather than artificial external sources.This would ensure a better,longitive and saisfactory health.
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