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HGH Facts: The Good And The Bad Of Human Growth Hormone

The pituitary gland is responsible for the production of the human growth hormone which is the hormone responsible for the production of cells and the general growth of the body. The hormone, which is the master hormone in the body, comprises of 191 amino acids and usually happens until the age of 25 before the secretion begins to be depleted.

Functions of the HGH

Functions of the HGH: The human growth hormone is responsible for the acceleration of muscle growth, height, bone strength, reduction of fat cells, and control of insulin and sugar levels. The hormone is also responsible for strengthening the immune system, especially during a person’s youth.The upside of HGH.

HGH therapy

There are many positive things about the human growth hormone therapy and the way your body can personally benefit. HGH therapy assists your body in the following ways:
:- An improvement and increase of your energy levels
:- Removal of wrinkles to make the skin glow
:- The development of muscle mass and bone density
:- Increase of vigor, stamina and endurance levels
The human growth hormone is able to do all those things and much more such as the improvement vision, memory, and the immune system. There is also the added advantage of cell repair and regeneration. HGH also stimulates protein synthesis which leads to the breakdown of triglycerides as well ad assisting in the maintenance of sugar and insulin levels. Most people have used HGH therapy for its anti-aging properties especially by those people between the age of 30 and 40 helping to reverse those effects.  Other conditions that benefit from the use of HGH therapy include stunted growth, kidney failure, Turner’s syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome and for people suffering from HIV/AIDS muscle loss is compensated when patients take HGH under strict medical supervision.

The negative effects of HGH

Now to the other side of the coin for HGH facts; people on HGH therapy also suffer some negative side effects such as the following:
:-  Swelling of tissues
:-  Pain in different body joints
:-  Enlargement of the male breasts
:-  The carpet tunnel syndrome
:-  Diabetes
Other HGH complications that are worth noting include increased risks of high blood pressure, pressure on the brain, complications in internal organs such as the liver and the enlargement of the heart are some of the other side effects you need to know about.  On top of these side effects, you may also get to deal with some abnormal bone growth, especially on the face. The majority of the negative side effects of HGH administration occur when people do self-administration or perhaps those who take doses above those that are recommended by the doctor. Bodybuilders who use HGH improperly usually end up with complications such as an extended belly as well as joint pains.Conclusion 
There is so much that this natural treatment for HGH  can do for you if it is properly administered. You only need to stick to your doctor’s instructions and keep a healthy diet and improve your lifestyle and you will see the benefits.Readers read this article also readHow can HGH benefit you?FDA regulations on taking HGH.The different effects of HGH Medical studies on the effect of discontinuation of HGH.The downside of HGH Is HGH safe?
Most of us are aware that aging is accompanied by weight gain. Gary Null from Power Aging even wrote that when we reach the age of forty, each pound of fat in our body replaces a pound of muscle. 
The pituitary gland is just a small portion of the body that makes a really great difference in the body. Why? Well, the pituitary gland is where human growth hormones are being secreted. 
You will really drive your physician nuts if you tell them that you are consulting an anti-aging clinic that offers human growth hormone (HGH) injections. The Annals of Internal Medicine in Stanford University published a medical report stating that growth hormone does not actually boost one’s athletic performance. 
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