Super Mario Run launching on Android on March 23

Super Mario Run Launching On Android On March 23

Super Mario Run launching on Android on March 23

Super Mario Run launching on Android on March 23:- Nintendo of America has announced that Super Mario Run will be available on Android on March 23. The game will launch at version 2.0.0, which means that it should include all of the tweaks and improvements that Nintendo has made to the iOS version over the past few months.

Super Mario Run originally launched on iOS in mid-December 2016. The app is free to start, letting you play the first few levels without paying for anything. If you’d like to continue playing after that, though, you’ll need to pony up $9.99.

In Super Mario Run, you’re tasked with running through levels and collecting special coins while also avoiding enemies. There are three different coin colors that you can unlock in each level, with each set getting increasingly difficult to collect.

The game also includes Toad Rally, a race mode that has you competing against your friends to perform stylish moves and earn a better score. There’s also a Kingdom Builder mode that lets you place buildings and decorations in your own little Mushroom Kingdom.

It’s kind of disappointing that it’s taken three months for Super Mario Run to make the jump from iOS to Android, but at least the game is finally ready to hit the Play Store. Will you give Super Mario Run a try when it hits Android next week?




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