Four Common Varicose Vein Health Diseases Misconceptions

Varicose Vein Health Diseases

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You may know a couple of things about Varicose Vein Health Diseases, which are usually aesthetic in nature but do you know that there are several misconceptions about this condition and the four  common varicose vein health diseases misconceptions are listed below. If you think that this is only a free health superficial state, think again. This may be viewed as a cosmetic concern; however, you must note that this can also lead to serious medical issues. Even if treatments are being offered, if the condition is not properly addressed, varicose veins can result to a barrage of problems. As common as it is, do not be misinformed by this condition. Below are the common old wives’ tales about varicose veins that you shouldn’t take at face value. Varicose vein disease Missouri can be treated accordingly by properly trained best diseases veins information specialists.

The first free health misconception is that a greater number of women are more susceptible to vein diseases than men. This is primarily due to insufficient research, where only those who visited the doctors for consultations were considered. And mostly, women are the ones more conscious with their health compared to men, and they are more willing to visit their doctors. Thus, it gives the perception that women often suffer from varicose veins “health disease”. Statistics has shown from a more recent research that there is no significant difference in the number of women and men suffering from this condition.

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This is another common myth that I bet you know:  pregnancy causes “diseases in varicose veins health”. You can hear women saying that before their pregnancy, they did not suffer from any symptoms. However, the veins developed during their pregnancy or right after giving birth. Contrary to this belief and according to research performed with the use of “duplex ultrasound”, only women who lost functionality of their valve before getting pregnant do suffer from varicose veins after their pregnancy. So, if you are currently expecting, you know that pregnancy by itself will not lead to any vein diseases.

The third myth is, you will develop varicose veins as a result of long period of standing. Varicose veins are caused by the clotting of the blood in the superficial veins called thrombophlebitis. Venous ulcers and venous eczema Varicose Vein Health Diseases are due to the malfunctioning of the leg pump, which mainly results in the failure of the valves inside the veins. In short, if you stand for an extended period, you are not necessarily prone to varicose veins. But with the given “free health” conditions, standing can make the problem more visible.

Varicose Vein Health Diseases
The last misconception is that since there are a lot of women who have undergone best health diseases information and treatment, it is perceived that varicose veins are only cosmetic issues. Well-trained doctors are aware that there are medical issues at stake as well. There are underlying problems which need to be treated. Your specialist will evaluate your condition very carefully and will let you know what the best treatment is for you.



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