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Hypertensive Heart Disease Patient Treated: Not all hypertensive people eventually develop the more complicated disease. There is a possibility though that prolonged hypertension could develop into hypertensive heart disease. Here are a couple of treatment options for this disease.

What You Need to Do

Not all treatments are the same for each individual. The kind of treatment that you would have to maintain will depend on the severity of your condition and the exact heart conditions that may have developed due to hypertension. Treatment for hypertensive heart disease therefore aims to keep blood pressure at an acceptable level and to manage the existing heart condition.

 Disease of the heart
                                                                                                       Disease of the heart

Lifestyle Changes

Coronary Heart Disease CHD Treatment Some people may do well by simply changing some bad habits. There are others however who may need more than just lifestyle changes to treat hypertension and hypertensive heart disease. In any case, lifestyle changes are always a part of every treatment plan regardless of whether the patient is in a critical condition or not. There is also some scientific evidence that changes in diet and habits coupled with proper medication can reduce hypertension. Here are some changes that you may have to adopt.“Coronary Heart Disease Effects People.”

Heavy drinkers and chronic smokers should cut both habits as soon as possible. Both habits have been linked to increased chances of developing hypertension. You may continue to drink only one or two glasses of alcohol a day but smoking should be completely stopped. Ask your doctor for specific stop smoking interventions that are not contraindicated for your specific condition.

Coronary Heart Disease Effects People | Specialist | Treatment | CHD

You may have to ask your doctor for specific diet requirements. If you are asked to simply maintain a healthy diet, then a healthy diet is basically what the adult food pyramid recommends. Trans and saturated fats should be avoided or replaced by measured amounts of healthy fish or vegetable oil. Lean meat and poultry can be consumed in regulated amounts. The bulk of your diet should be taken from fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Heart Disease Medicine Aside from avoiding fat, you should also cut back on your salt intake. Depending on your condition, you may have to consume only a maximum of 6 grams every day. Salt has been known to increase the chances of hypertension.

To support your healthy diet, you also have to engage in regular aerobic exercises. You may have to ask your doctor for exercise frequency and duration that is appropriate for your condition. Some may have to exercise everyday while others may only have to have 30 minute exercises every other day. Aerobic exercises include walking, jogging, cycling and swimming. If you are not used to exercising, it is recommended that you move into regular exercise gradually until you are certain that your body can handle the full requirements of exercise.

Hypertensive Heart Disease Patient Treated
Hypertensive Heart Disease Patient Treated

It is important to note that obese or overweight people are particularly advised to loose weight to prevent hypertension. This can be achieved through a diet and exercise plan for “visit more information about diet”


As stated, the kind of medicine that a patient may have to take will depend on the specific hypertension induced heart condition that the patient has. Your doctor may use some of the following medicines: ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, calcium blockers, diuretics, vasodilators and angiotensin receptor blockers among others.

If medication does not work and hypertension has progressed to hypertensive heart disease, surgical and other invasive procedures may have to be used. Bypass surgery, angioplasty, heart transplantation and other procedures may be resorted to.

Regular Check Ups

To avoid the full development of hypertensive heart disease, make sure that you keep an eye on your blood pressure. You should also make regular visits to the doctor.




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